Woodland Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Woodland Rideshare Accident Attorney

Woodland Rideshare Accident Lawyer

As ridesharing has grown in popularity, so has the number of rideshare accidents that have occurred. The victims of these accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries, just as with any other car accident. Because of the involvement of rideshare companies and the independent contractor status of drivers, it can often be more complex than a standard car accident claim. Working with an experienced Woodland rideshare accident lawyer is essential for those injured in a rideshare accident.

Kreeger Law Firm has more than three decades of experience helping those who have suffered a personal injury as they seek restitution for the costs they have incurred. We have worked on some of the most complex car accident cases, including rideshare accidents. Whether through a settlement or litigation, our team is dedicated to getting our clients the compensation they deserve.

What a Woodland Rideshare Accident Lawyer Does

At Kreeger Law Firm, we can help those who have been injured in a rideshare accident seek compensation for their injuries. We act as the representative for those with these kinds of injuries in negotiations with the potentially liable parties or in the courts if litigation is necessary to get fair compensation.

Our team will investigate the Woodland accident to identify who may be liable and gather the evidence that can be helpful in proving that claim. Typically, before we begin the process of litigation, we may be able to open negotiations with the potentially liable parties to see if we can negotiate a settlement that will work for you and give you the compensation that you deserve.

However, in some cases, a negotiated settlement may not be possible, which is why we are always prepared to use litigation to get our clients what they deserve. We are comfortable with making your strongest case before the court and demonstrating the liability on the part of the defendant.

Who Could Be Liable in a Woodland Rideshare Accident

Liability in a Woodland rideshare accident is determined based on who was at fault for the accident. If the case should go to court, it will be necessary to prove that someone’s negligent actions were what caused the accident to occur. In some cases, it is even possible that multiple parties may be responsible for the accident. Those who could be liable for a rideshare accident include:

  • The rideshare driver
  • Another driver
  • The rideshare company
  • The government responsible for the roads
  • The manufacturer or installer of a part

Q: How Soon Do I Need to File a Rideshare Accident Claim?

A: How soon you need to file a rideshare accident claim is determined by the statute of limitations governing civil actions in California. In most cases, this means that a claim will need to be filed within two years of the accident. However, there can be some factors that shift that deadline depending on who is liable, when injuries were discovered, whether or not minors were injured, and other elements. These factors could narrow or lengthen the timeline depending on the situation.

Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible is critical to understanding the timeline for your claim.

Q: Can You File a Rideshare Accident Claim Without a Lawyer?

A: You can file a rideshare accident claim without a lawyer, but that is not advisable. The process of winning a rideshare accident claim will often mean facing talented, experienced lawyers on the other side. Given that experience is one of the most important factors in winning a legal case, to give yourself the strongest chance possible at collecting restitution, you want someone on your side who has the background that matches the task, as you find with Kreeger Law Firm.

Q: Is It Better to Settle a Rideshare Accident Claim?

A: Whether it is better to settle a rideshare claim or go through litigation is specific to the case, the parties involved, and the settlement offer that is on the table. Generally, going to court will hold the strongest possibility of the largest compensation package. However, it also carries the risk of coming away with nothing. A settlement offers a guaranteed level of compensation and can often be a quicker process as well.

Which option is right for you will be something that you need to decide based on the specifics of the case and with the counsel of your lawyer.

Q: Is a Rideshare Company Vicariously Liable for the Negligence of Its Drivers Under California State Law?

A: A rideshare company could be vicariously liable for the negligence of its drivers under California state law in some circumstances. The law requires transportation network companies (TNCs), such as rideshare companies, to carry certain levels of insurance policies when their drivers are logged into an app waiting to accept a rider, and a higher level of insurance if they have a rider or they are on the way to pick up the rider.

If the costs of the accident exceed this amount, a rideshare company could be liable if it can be proven that negligence occurred when the company hired, trained, or supervised their drivers.

We Fight for Fair Compensation for Rideshare Accident Victims

The costs of a rideshare accident can be significant. The injuries can often lead to steep medical bills, and the emotional impact can be substantial. The situation can be made even more stressful if you have been unable to work or are limited in your work since the injuries. All of this can be a lot to handle and process, which is why it is important that you have legal help that you trust to represent you as you seek compensation for what you have suffered.

Kreeger Law Firm has been helping victims of all sorts of accidents for more than thirty years. We have seen the inception of ridesharing platforms and watched how the process of liability in these cases has evolved. Our knowledge and experience in both settling rideshare accident claims and winning through litigation can be vital to helping our clients get fair compensation. If you have been the victim of a rideshare accident, contact our team to discuss how we may be able to help.