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Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident can be extremely devastating for a victim or his or her family members. Truck accidents are often catastrophic, resulting in life-changing or deadly personal injuries. At Kreeger Law Firm, our truck accident lawyers in Elk Grove know most truck accidents come down to negligence – often that of the truck driver or trucking company. We work hard to pursue damages on behalf of injured clients in Elk Grove and throughout Northern California.

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Why Choose Us?

We get to know our clients in-depth to better understand the personal losses they suffered in the accident. Then, we do everything we can to help them recover.

We have exclusively represented personal injury clients for the past 25 years. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide excellent representation.

We have plenty of trial experience in Elk Grove. Our injury lawyers in Elk Grove are not afraid of taking a trucking company to court in pursuit of top results.

We want to make accident representation available to everyone. Our firm accepts truck accident injury claims on a contingency fee basis.

How Can an elk grove Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

After submitting an injury claim to the trucking company’s insurance provider, it may surprise you to find the insurance claims adjuster assigned to your case does not have your best interests in mind. The adjuster may try to get you to admit fault, ask for an unreasonable amount of proof, dispute liability, offer far less than you think your case is worth or deny a valid claim. Our truck accident lawyers in Elk Grove know how to combat insurance bad faith practices and force companies to offer just and reasonable awards. We can also take cases to court in Elk Grove if the defendant refuses to settle the case fairly.

Who Is Responsible for Truck Accidents in Elk Grove?

One main body governs the national trucking industry – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA has laws in place to regulate trucking and improve its safety. One such law states trucking companies will be legally responsible for most truck accidents. While in the past a trucking company could avoid liability by leasing trucks and using independent contractors as drivers, today a trucking company will be liable for most accidents involving its trucks or drivers.

If a negligent or reckless truck driver caused your accident in Elk Grove, the trucking company the driver works for will most likely be vicariously liable. If the truck experienced an issue such as brake failure or a lost cargo load, the trucking company could also be liable if it failed to properly maintain or load the vehicle. In some cases, however, other parties may have partial responsibility for a crash. These parties could include truck manufacturers, cargo companies, property owners or the City of Elk Grove. An Elk Grove accident lawyer from Kreeger Law Firm can help you understand who might be liable for your damages.

Are You Eligible for Financial Recovery?

The main legal doctrine involved in auto accident lawsuits in California is negligence. To obtain a recovery award for a truck accident, you or your lawyer will most likely need to prove another party’s negligence. Negligence is the failure to fulfill a standard of care that applied to the situation. Trucking companies and their drivers owe other motorists certain duties of care when transporting goods. If you believe an entity breached this duty of care to you and this caused your collision, you could be eligible for financial recovery.

Do You Have a Case? Find Out Today

Kreeger Law Firm has lawyers who have spent decades focusing on commercial truck accident law. Our firm has obtained outstanding results for past victims of accidents involving armored trucks, delivery vehicles and big rigs. Find out if you have a case today, and if so, how much we believe it could be worth. One or more parties may owe you financial compensation in Elk Grove. Contact us for a free consultation.

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