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there is no substitute for experience
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injury attorney

there is no substitute for experience

$5,000,000 Construction Site Accident - $3,200,000 Rear End Collision - $2,500,000 Apartment Fire Accident - $1,000,000 Rideshare Head on Collision Requiring Surgery - $1,000,000 Rear End Freeway Collision - $400,000 Pedestrian Hit in Crosswalk - $300,000 Pedestrian in Crosswalk Hit and Thrown to Ground Requiring Cosmetic Surgery - $300,000 Big Rig Rear-ended Passenger Vehicle on Highway Causing Concussion and Soft Tissue Injury - $300,000 Side Impact Collision - $240,000 Motorcycle Vs. Automobile Causing Broken Collar Bone

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

33 Years Of Experience

Protecting Your Family. Preserving Your Future.

Christopher L Kreeger 2024 Martindale Hubbell Award

Christopher L. Kreeger is a California native, dedicated and laser focused on exclusively representing the seriously injured caused by the carelessness and neglect of others.

He is aggressive, accomplished, and well-respected in the legal community. With compassion and confidence, he guides his clients through the legal and financial challenges they encounter on their way to recovery from their accidents while achieving desired results in Roseville, Sacramento, and throughout the surrounding California communities


Representing the injured throughout Sacramento, California

and the surrounding communities

Kreeger Law Firm Reviews

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For the past 5+years Chris and his A++ Team has helped with multiple incidents I was involved with, including getting injured in those accidents.

I have dealt with many lawyers whom have looked at me as another dollar in their pocket. Also those same lawyers have refused to represent me because my cases wouldn’t them enough money. When I finally got to my wits end and ready to toss the white flag, I found Chris’s phone number and rolled the dice to give a call.

Fully satisfied

Chris was upfront and covered all the information on my case. Without Kreeger Law Firm, My case would have been a small return for my pain and suffering. I give then all 5 stars for their service, the staff is great and professional.

Michael Melton

Awesome Attorney. Chris does a great job. He is one of the best lawyers that I know anywhere in the country. He not only runs a great law firm but he is a great family man, husband and father as well. He is someone you can count on especially when it comes to personal injury law.

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