injury attorney

there is no substitute for experience
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injury attorney

there is no substitute for experience

$5,000,000 Construction Site Accident - $3,200,000 Rear End Collision - $2,500,000 Apartment Fire Accident - $1,000,000 Rear End Freeway Collision - $400,000 Pedestrian Hit in Crosswalk - $300,000 Side Impact Collision

Sacramento Auto Accident Injury Attorney

33 Years Of Experience

Protecting Your Family. Preserving Your Future.

Christopher L. Kreeger is a California native, dedicated and laser focused on exclusively representing the seriously injured caused by the carelessness and neglect of others.

He is aggressive, accomplished, and well-respected in the legal community. With compassion and confidence, he guides his clients through the legal and financial challenges they encounter on their way to recovery from their accidents while achieving desired results in Roseville, Sacramento, and throughout the surrounding California communities


Representing the injured throughout Sacramento, California

and the surrounding communities

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