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Personal Injury Lawyer

Lincoln Personal Injury Attorney

A “personal injury” is any incident in which one party’s actions result in harm to another party. Most personal injury claims filed in California pertain to economic losses such as medical expenses, lost income, and property loss. However, state law also permits personal injury plaintiffs to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. Essentially, if another party bears fault for a recent injury you or a loved one suffered in the Lincoln, CA, area, you may have grounds to seek more compensation than you may initially expect.

Helping Lincoln, CA, Clients Recover From Their Personal Injuries

Regardless of who caused your recent personal injury and the scope of the damages you face, an experienced personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset capable of improving the quality of your final recovery substantially. When you choose the Kreeger Law Firm as your Lincoln personal injury attorney, we will explore every avenue of compensation available to you to help you maximize your compensation.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in California

It’s technically possible to file a personal injury claim by yourself, but you face many risks if you do this. You might make various errors that delay your case or overlook avenues of recovery, resulting in less compensation than you legally deserve. Even if the fault seems perfectly clear and you have all the evidence you need to hold the defendant accountable for their actions, filing and winning your claim will be more challenging than you expect. An experienced Lincoln personal injury attorney is the ideal asset for navigating your civil court proceedings more effectively and reaching the best possible outcome for your claim. Your Lincoln personal injury attorney can assist you in exploring any insurance claims or other initial recovery options available to you after your personal injury. After exhausting these recovery options, or if no such options exist, they can then move to build your personal injury suit. To succeed with any personal injury claim in California, the plaintiff must be prepared to prove the defendant they have named in their suit directly caused their claimed damages. They must also be prepared to show clear proof of the full extent of those damages. You have a limited window in which to file your claim, and a very common mistake people make with their personal injury cases is waiting too long to consult legal counsel. When you choose the Kreeger Law Firm to act as your Lincoln personal injury attorneys, we will immediately begin working on your case, helping you secure whatever evidence you need to prove liability for your damages and maximize your recovery.
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Damages and Compensation in California Personal Injury Claims

California state law enables the plaintiff in a personal injury action to seek various forms of compensation based on the details of their experience. However, state law upholds that a defendant proven liable for a plaintiff’s personal injury must compensate all of the plaintiff’s economic losses directly resulting from their actions. Therefore, the economic damages you may be able to claim in your Lincoln, CA, personal injury suit include:

  • Medical expenses. If the defendant caused an injury or illness, they are responsible for all medical expenses the victim incurs. This includes immediate treatment costs after the accident and ongoing health care costs for managing serious injuries.
  • Lost income. The injured person could face an extensive recovery time during which they will be unable to work. The defendant is responsible for their lost income, and the defendant could also face liability for lost future earning potential if they caused permanent harm to the plaintiff.
  • Property damage. If the defendant damaged or destroyed your personal property, you have the right to seek repair and replacement costs under California law.

Beyond these economic damages, a plaintiff may also seek pain and suffering compensation to reflect the physical pain and psychological suffering they experienced because of the defendant’s actions. There is no limit on non-economic damages in California personal injury claims aside from medical malpractice cases.

While the average person may be able to calculate some of their economic losses, they have the best chance of accurately calculating the full scope of all their claimable damages with an attorney’s assistance. Therefore, when you choose the Kreeger Law Firm to represent your personal injury claim in Lincoln, our aim is to help you maximize your compensation under California state law.

How to Succeed With Your Personal Injury Case

Success with any personal injury claim requires proving that a defendant’s negligence or misconduct directly caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages. How you accomplish this in your personal injury case will depend on the specifics of your situation. Working with a Lincoln personal injury attorney experienced in cases like yours means you will have readily available professional guidance from an attorney you can trust throughout your proceedings.

The Kreeger Law Firm takes an individualized approach to personal injury representation, meaning we will thoroughly review the details of your experience and address all the unique variables of your case. In addition, we’ll help you gather the evidence you need to prove liability and secure compensation for your damages in various types of personal injury claims, including those pertaining to:

  • Car accidents, a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States. Auto insurance can provide some initial relief but may not be enough to fully compensate the victim of a very serious accident.
  • Truck accidents, which often pose more complex questions of liability for victims and tend to involve more serious injuries, more expensive economic losses, and more difficult civil court proceedings.
  • Motorcycle accidents, many of which result in catastrophic injuries. The rider is likely to suffer extreme injuries whenever a motorcycle accident occurs, especially at high speed.
  • Premises liability claims. These cases pertain to negligent property owners and their liability to guests, customers, and other lawful visitors.
  • Dog bite claims, which unfold under California’s strict liability statute for dog owners. As long as the victim did not provoke the dog and was not trespassing at the location of the attack, the dog’s owner is fully liable for the victim’s damages.
  • Catastrophic injury cases. A “catastrophic injury” is any injury causing permanent harm. If you or a loved one has suffered any life-changing injury, securing legal representation from an experienced Lincoln personal injury attorney is crucial as soon as possible.

Regardless of your California personal injury claim, you will be best equipped to meet the challenges ahead of you when you have an experienced attorney you can trust. There is no substitute for reliable legal counsel in a complex personal injury suit. The Kreeger Law Firm will assist you in gathering the evidence and testimony needed to prove liability for your damages and fully explore the entire range of losses you can claim from the defendant. Our aim is to provide reassurance to you during this difficult time and navigate you to the fullest recovery possible.

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Is It Worth Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Lincoln, CA?

You might assume that the cost of bringing a personal injury action against another party would be too expensive to justify any potential recovery you might obtain, but this isn’t true if you suffered severe injuries. Consulting an experienced Lincoln personal injury attorney can help you identify all available avenues of recovery, some of which you may not have noticed on your own. This can translate to a far more robust recovery than you anticipated.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The average person is likely able to calculate immediately recognizable damages after a personal injury, such as the cost of their medical treatment and lost wages from the time they were unable to work because of their injury. However, calculating projected future losses and determining fair pain and suffering compensation is likely to be more difficult than many people expect.

How Long Do I Have to File My Personal Injury Claim in California?

California enforces a two-year statute of limitations for most personal injury claims. This means you have two years to file your case from the date your injury happened. Alternatively, if the cause of an injury was not immediately identifiable, you have one year from the date you discovered your personal injury to file your claim. However, it is always best to start as soon as possible for the best chances of succeeding with your recovery efforts.

Do I Really Need to Hire a Lincoln Personal Injury Attorney?

While there is no strict legal requirement to hire legal counsel for a personal injury claim in California, you significantly increase your chances of success with your civil suit by hiring an experienced attorney to assist you. Your attorney is also likely to uncover channels of compensation you may have overlooked on your own, meaning they can easily make up for the cost of hiring them and significantly improve the final compensation you secure.

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The Kreeger Law Firm knows you probably have lots of legal questions after your personal injury in Lincoln, and our aim is to help you understand your options for legal recourse as clearly as possible so you can make fully informed decisions about your recovery options. If it’s time for you to speak with a Lincoln personal injury attorney about your case, contact the Kreeger Law Firm today and schedule your free consultation with our team.