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Personal Injury Lawyer

Granite Bay Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury occurs whenever one party’s negligent or illegal conduct results in harm to another party. These incidents can happen in countless ways, often with little to no prior warning for victims. It’s possible for someone to suffer a life-changing personal injury but be initially unaware of who is responsible for causing it, and it is also possible for multiple parties to bear fault for a personal injury. If you or a family member is struggling with the after-effects of a damaging incident that someone else caused, a Granite Bay personal injury attorney is likely to be the best resource you can have on your side in this situation.

Personal Injury Representation in Granite Bay, CA

The Kreeger Law Firm can offer the compassionate and responsive legal counsel you need after any personal injury in the Granite Bay, CA, area. We have helped many past clients maximize their recoveries for all types of personal injuries, from serious vehicle accidents to slip and fall injuries on private property and injuries inflicted by dogs. Whatever your personal injury case may entail, you need an experienced Granite Bay personal injury attorney to help you take full advantage of your options for legal recourse and recovery of your damages. Our firm is prepared to leverage our resources and experience to help you recover as fully as possible.

Benefits of Hiring a Granite Bay Personal Injury Attorney

It is technically possible for a personal injury plaintiff to file their own civil claim for damages, and it is possible for them to succeed unassisted by counsel. However, attempting this would be incredibly difficult for anyone recovering from painful injuries. Furthermore, navigating the procedural requirements imposed by the civil court is likely to be more challenging than you expect, and even slight errors can cause significant delays in your civil court proceedings. Additionally, even if you manage to succeed with your case, you would be unlikely to secure as much compensation as an experienced attorney could have obtained on your behalf.

Working with a Granite Bay personal injury lawyer means you can rest and recover knowing your legal affairs are in capable hands. When the Kreeger Law Firm accepts a personal injury case in Granite Bay, we immediately get to work helping the client determine their best legal strategies. We can help you fully and accurately assess the damages caused by the defendant and guide you through the proceedings you face as you work toward recovering your losses.

Commonly Reported Causes of Personal Injury Claims in California

Many people sustain injuries from various causes at no fault of any one party in particular. The determining factor as to whether an injury qualifies for a civil suit is if another party directly caused it, either intentionally or negligently. Most personal injury claims in California revolve around negligence or a failure to exercise reasonable care in a situation. For example, drivers have a duty of care to drive attentively, and distracted driving would be a breach of this duty of care. Alternatively, a personal injury claim may arise from an act of intentional misconduct, such as drunk driving or assault. In these cases, the victim may still pursue a civil claim for damages, and the defendant faces criminal prosecution.

Kreeger Law Firm has handled many types of personal injury claims for Granite Bay, CA, area clients, including:

  • Car accident claims. California state law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance, but an at-fault driver’s coverage may not be enough to cover a serious accident. Kreeger Law Firm can assist a client with their auto insurance claim and, if necessary, build a personal injury suit against an at-fault driver when insurance alone cannot cover our client’s losses.
  • Premises liability suits. A property owner could face civil liability for damages a lawful visitor suffers on their property. If the property owner fails to address a foreseeable hazard that harms a lawful visitor, the victim has the right to file a personal injury suit under California’s premises liability laws.
  • Dog attack claims. California upholds a strict liability rule for dog owners whose pets harm others. As long as the victim did not provoke the dog and was legally present wherever the attack occurred, they have the right to file a personal injury suit against the owner of the dog that injured them.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. A “catastrophic” injury is any injury resulting in permanent harm. For example, it’s possible for a serious personal injury to result in paralysis, loss of function, loss of mobility, and psychological damage. If a plaintiff suffered any permanent loss of quality of life, the defendant faces substantial liability for the severity of such damages.

In any personal injury case, the plaintiff’s success hinges on their ability to identify the defendant or defendants responsible for their damages. They must then prove the defendant directly caused all damages claimed, either intentionally or negligently. This is much easier in some cases than others, but no matter what your unique case entails, you will be best equipped to meet the challenges of your case with a Granite Bay personal injury attorney representing you.

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Recovering From Your Personal Injury

Every personal injury claim is unique, and there is no single solution to every civil claim for damages filed in Granite Bay. Working with the Kreeger Law Firm in your personal injury suit means you will have readily available guidance and support when you need it most as your case unfolds. Your legal team can meet all court filing deadlines on your behalf and help you accurately calculate the full scope of your claimable damages.

California state law allows the plaintiff in a personal injury suit to seek full compensation for all economic losses incurred because of a defendant’s actions. In most personal injury suits, these economic damages include medical expenses, lost income, lost future earning potential, and property damage. An experienced Granite Bay personal injury attorney will be invaluable for accurately calculating immediate and future economic losses claimable in your personal injury action.

Plaintiffs in California civil claims may also recover compensation for their pain and suffering based on the severity of their experiences and the long-term complications they face from their injuries. In addition, some plaintiffs could qualify to receive punitive damages and other restitution from defendants guilty of intentionally harmful and/or illegal misconduct resulting in their injuries. Ultimately, the best way to approach the unique variables your case entails is by choosing the right Granite Bay personal injury attorney to represent you.

Personal Injury Law FAQs

Q: How Long Do I Have to File My Personal Injury Claim in Granite Bay?

A: California upholds a two-year statute of limitations for most personal injury claims, beginning on the date an injury occurs. Alternatively, if the victim did not discover the harm done by the defendant immediately, they have one year from the date of discovery to file their claim. It is always best for any personal injury plaintiff to start working on their civil claim as soon as possible.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Granite Bay Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Most personal injury attorneys working in California understand that the average person does not have the financial flexibility to pay for an attorney’s hourly rate after suffering a serious injury. Kreeger Law Firm offers a contingency fee billing plan to ensure our representation is accessible to those who need it most. A contingency fee agreement means the client pays nothing upfront for their legal representation and nothing at all unless their attorney wins their case. The contingency fee is a predetermined percentage of the final case award.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Granite Bay Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Even if liability for your recent injury seems perfectly clear, there is no guarantee that you will be able to handle the procedural demands of your case alone while recovering from serious injuries. Hiring an experienced Granite Bay personal injury lawyer to represent you not only increases your chances of success with your recovery efforts but can also help you secure a larger final case award than you could have on your own.

Q: How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take to Resolve?

A: The time required to complete a personal injury suit in California hinges on the scope and severity of the plaintiff’s damages, the availability of evidence that establishes liability, and the willingness of the defendant to accept liability. Consult an experienced Granite Bay personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury, and they can provide an estimate of how long your case is likely to take to conclude.

The Kreeger Law Firm team can give you the compassionate and meticulous legal counsel you need to help you recover from a painful personal injury. We have helped many clients in Granite Bay and surrounding communities of Northern California with their difficult personal injury suits, and we can apply this experience to your case. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Granite Bay personal injury attorney. We’ll review the details of your recent injury, field any pressing legal questions you may have, and explain how our firm can assist with your recovery.