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Personal Injury Lawyer

Woodland Personal Injury Attorney

Every day, thousands of people across California experience a wide range of personal injuries. “Personal injury” defines any situation in which one party’s actions cause physical harm and/or economic losses to another party. Many personal injury claims pertain to acts of negligence, but some involve intentional misconduct and criminal activity. If you or a loved one are struggling in the aftermath of a personal injury that someone else caused, a Woodland personal injury lawyer is the best asset to have on your side as you work toward recovery.

Personal injury cases often seem straightforward at first, but many claimants quickly discover their cases are far more complex than they anticipated. Attempting to handle any type of personal injury claim on your own would be extremely risky. It’s vital to secure legal counsel you can trust before opening any kind of personal injury claim.

Why Do I Need a Woodland Personal Injury Attorney?

The fault for your recent personal injury could seem abundantly clear, and you may think you can calculate your damages on your own and file your claim without an attorney. If you are concerned about the potential cost of legal fees, hiring an attorney may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, it’s vital to realize that you stand to lose much more than you could potentially save if you do not have legal counsel assisting you with your case. The average person is likely to make significant errors in their civil claim. These honest mistakes can have disastrous consequences when it comes to securing the compensation they need to recover. Instead of trying to handle your case alone while also managing the aftermath of your personal injury, have an experienced Woodland personal injury lawyer represent you in your case. This will allow you to rest with peace of mind since your case will be in capable hands, especially if you have sustained a catastrophic injury that is likely to pose long-term complications. Having legal counsel will also significantly increase your chances of not only winning your case, but also maximizing your compensation to the fullest extent allowable under California state law.

How Do I Prove Fault in a Personal Injury Claim?

Success with your personal injury case hinges on your ability to establish liability for your damages. You must identify the party or parties responsible for causing your claimed damages and provide evidence that shows the full extent of your damages. Next, you must show the court how the defendant’s actions directly caused your damages. You can only file a personal injury claim if you sustained actual harm from the defendant’s actions.

Your Woodland personal injury attorney will assist you in obtaining the evidence you need to prove liability for your personal injury. This may include physical evidence from the location where your injury occurred and eyewitness testimonies from anyone who saw your personal injury happen. Some personal injury claims involve complex details, and a plaintiff could struggle to prove the extent of their damages. In these situations, attorneys may consult expert witnesses who can explain technical details of a case or help a plaintiff establish the scope of their losses before the court.

Compensation for a Personal Injury Accident Case

California state law allows a plaintiff in a personal injury claim to recover compensation for any and all damages caused by a defendant. These damages typically include both immediate and anticipated future losses. For example, your injury could require extensive emergency medical treatment. Even after your initial recovery, you may require further therapy and ongoing care to fully heal from your injury and regain lost functionality. The defendant would be responsible for all of these medical expenses.

Similarly, you have the right to seek compensation for lost income and lost future earning potential. Your injury could prevent you from working for an extended period or you may be left unable to work at all because of the severity of your injury. Your Woodland personal injury attorney can help you calculate the lost income you can include in your claim. You also have the right to recover the costs of repairing any personal property damaged or destroyed by the defendant’s actions.

California personal injury laws also permit plaintiffs to seek financial compensation for their pain and suffering. There is no limit to the amount a plaintiff may seek in pain and suffering compensation except in medical malpractice claims. State law limits noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases to $250,000. Your Woodland personal injury attorney will help you determine how much would be reasonable to include in your claim based on the severity of your experience and the long-term medical complications you are likely to face.

Personal Injury Accidents FAQs

Q: Is it Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?
Hiring a personal injury attorney significantly improves your chances of success with your claim. The right attorney can help you maximize the total recovery you obtain from a successful case. If you are concerned about the cost of legal fees, most California personal injury lawyers offer contingency fee billing to keep your legal costs reasonable.

Q: What Is a Lawyer’s Cut of a Settlement?
When an attorney offers contingency fee billing, they take a percentage of the client’s case award as their legal fee. The client pays nothing upfront and doesn’t pay anything if the attorney loses the case. Most contingency fees range from 25% to 40% of the client’s case award, and the exact percentage is likely to fluctuate based on the difficulty of the case.

Q: How Do You Lose a Personal Injury Lawsuit?
There is always a degree of risk with every personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to establish fault, or if you cannot prove that the defendant’s actions directly caused your damages, the case may fail. It’s also possible to win your case but lose a percentage of your case award due to comparative negligence. California’s comparative negligence law means that if a plaintiff is partially responsible for causing their claimed losses, they lose a percentage of the case award to reflect their shared liability.

Ultimately, any personal injury claim can pose significant challenges to the plaintiff, and proving liability isn’t always as easy as it may seem at first. If you are struggling with severe damages caused by another party’s negligence or intentional misconduct, the Kreeger Law Firm can help you hold them accountable. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with our firm to learn more about the benefits of the legal representation we provide.