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Car Accidents Attorney

Representing Injured Car Accident Victims in Folsom, CA

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States. Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day throughout California, and it is almost impossible to predict when an accident might happen. Even if you are a cautious driver, there is simply no way you can accurately anticipate the actions of all the other drivers around you at any given time. So, when a car accident does happen, it’s natural to feel confused and uncertain about your best next steps to take toward recovery.

The attorneys at the Kreeger Law Firm can provide the clarity and confidence you need after a car accident. If another driver damaged your vehicle and injured you because they failed to operate their vehicle safely and responsibly, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against them to secure compensation for the losses they caused. Typically, filing an auto insurance claim is the first step toward recovery after experiencing a car accident, but it may be necessary to take further legal action if your losses eclipse the at-fault driver’s auto insurance coverage. Your Folsom car accident lawyer can help, guiding you through your recovery options as you determine the best path toward securing compensation for your losses.

Is It Worth Getting an Attorney for a Car Accident?

You may wonder why you would need a lawyer after a car accident. Even if your car accident seems perfectly straightforward and fault for your losses is clear, navigating the legal process of holding the at-fault driver accountable is difficult, especially when you are struggling with painful injuries and economic loss due to the inability to work during your recovery. Hiring a Folsom car accident attorney is the best way to ensure you can recover as much as possible, and you can enjoy peace of mind during your recovery, knowing that your case is in capable hands.

Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Car accidents happen in many ways, and some car accidents may not necessitate hiring legal counsel. For example, a minor, low-speed fender-bender in a parking lot does not necessarily require filing a lawsuit against the other driver if your only loss is minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle. Likewise, it’s perfectly possible to settle minor car accidents personally with the other driver by exchanging insurance details and filing a claim for your vehicle repair costs.

However, if your accident involved an injury of any kind, even a seemingly minor one, or your car accident involved a call to the Folsom police, it is best to hire an attorney to help you handle the situation. Your Folsom car accident lawyer will help you determine the best approach to your case, assist in filing an auto insurance claim on your behalf, and guide you through the legal proceedings that follow your accident. It’s vital to use your best judgment if you are unsure whether you need to hire an attorney, and it’s typically best to err on the side of caution if there is any room to doubt whether you need legal counsel after a car accident.

How Do Car Accidents Happen?

Car accidents happen for many reasons. The determining factor in whether you have the right to take legal action after a car accident is the actions of other drivers involved. Suppose another driver is clearly at fault for your recent car accident. In that case, you have the right to file an auto insurance claim against their auto insurance policy and file a personal injury claim against them if their insurance doesn’t fully cover your losses. Some of the most commonly reported causes of car accidents that lead to personal injury claims include:

  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving is the most commonly cited cause of car accidents throughout the US. Distractions such as cell phone use, eating while driving, or even daydreaming can easily cause serious accidents. If you are convinced another driver was distracted when they caused your accident but are unsure how to prove it, your Folsom car accident lawyer will help you determine the best approach to gathering the evidence you need to hold them accountable.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). It is illegal and extremely dangerous for any driver to operate their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, if a driver caused an accident with you because they were intoxicated, they are responsible for your damages and will likely face criminal prosecution as well.
  • Aggressive driving. Drivers must operate their vehicles safely. When they swerve aggressively to change lanes, tailgate other drivers, or engage in other risky maneuvers, they put themselves and other drivers at risk.
  • Moving violations. Traffic signals and signs exist to help all drivers anticipate the actions of other drivers around them. However, when drivers fail to stop for red lights and stop signs, don’t engage their turn signals before changing lanes or turning, or fail to yield to pedestrians, they can easily cause severe accidents.
  • Mechanical failures. Drivers must address known mechanical issues as soon as they discover them. If a driver has an issue with their vehicle but fails to take appropriate action to address it, a mechanical failure could lead to an accident.

These are just a few examples of how car accidents can happen in the Folsom area and throughout the United States. If you believe your recent accident occurred because of another driver’s negligence, a Folsom car accident lawyer is your best resource for clarifying your options for legal recourse.

What Is a Reasonable Settlement for a Car Crash?

If another driver injured you and caused economic losses because of a car accident, you have the right to hold them accountable and seek compensation for your losses. The first step toward recovery after a car accident is an auto insurance claim. California state law requires all drivers to purchase auto insurance, including bodily injury liability coverage for a single person in an accident, bodily injury liability coverage for all people injured in a single accident, and property damage liability coverage. After a minor accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage may be enough to fully cover the victim’s losses. However, more severe accidents that cause injuries and long-term damages may incur more significant damages than available insurance covers.

If your losses exceed the scope of available insurance coverage after an accident, a Folsom car accident lawyer can help you take further legal action against the driver responsible for causing the accident. Your attorney will help you file a personal injury claim. If you are unsure how much your claim would be worth, your attorney can help you review your claimable damages and maximize your compensation. A successful personal injury claim can help you obtain compensation for damages, including:

  • Medical expenses, those you incur immediately after your accident as well as long-term medical costs for severe injuries.
  • Lost income. Your accident may require you to stay home from work while you recover, and more serious injuries may leave you unable to work for a long time following your accident. Your Folsom car accident attorney will help you calculate your claimable lost wages.
  • Property damage. The at-fault driver’s insurance coverage may provide some repayment for vehicle repair costs, but if the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle exceeds their property damage liability coverage, your personal injury claim can help you recover the remainder.
  • Pain and suffering. California law allows a personal injury plaintiff to secure compensation for physical pain, psychological trauma, and emotional distress caused by a defendant’s negligence. Your attorney will help you determine a fair amount of pain and suffering compensation to include in your claim based on the severity of your injuries and any long-term complications you are likely to experience.

If you have recently suffered severe injuries and substantial economic losses from a car accident that another driver caused, your recovery could be more substantial than you initially expected if you work with an experienced Folsom car accident lawyer. The right attorney will help you explore every available channel of compensation, ensuring you maximize your recovery as much as California law allows.

What to Expect From Your Folsom Car Accident Lawyer

Navigating any personal injury claim is much easier when you have a reliable attorney on your side. Your Folsom car accident lawyer can help you determine the full scope of your claimable damages, assist you in filing your claim with the Folsom court, and guide you through the procedural steps your case entails. Most personal injury claims filed in the US settle outside of court, but your attorney should be prepared to litigate your case if settlement does not provide the result you expect.

The attorneys at the Kreeger Law Firm have the experience and skills you need to approach your car accident case with greater confidence. We understand the uncertainty and frustration that often follow unexpected car accidents and want to help our clients recover as completely as possible. No matter how complex your car accident case may be, we will help you gather the evidence you need to hold the responsible driver accountable for their actions and assist you in proving the full scope of your claimable damages. If necessary, we can coordinate expert witness testimony from medical professionals, engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and others to support your case.

California provides a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. While this may seem like a generous timeframe, it is always best to work quickly when it comes to building your car accident claim. If you are ready to explore your legal options after a car accident, contact the Kreeger Law Firm today to schedule a case review with an experienced and reliable Folsom car accident lawyer.