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Car Accident Lawyer in Rancho Cordova, CA

After a car accident occurs, it is common to think that there is nothing to be done. However, if another driver caused your accident, securing a Rancho Cordova car accident lawyer can help you establish fault and liability, relieving you of the burden caused by medical bills and other damages. A personal injury attorney knows that you should not be responsible for damages that were not your fault and can work with you to pursue a car accident claim.

If you have recently experienced an auto accident because of someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior, it’s important to know that you have the right to pursue a settlement. Our Rancho Cordova personal injury lawyers are here to help you heal financially after the incident, giving you the time and space to heal physically and emotionally as well.

Kreeger Law: Your Rancho Cordova Auto Wreck Attorney

For over 30 years, Kreeger Law has been diligently pursuing car accident claims in Rancho Cordova. We understand the unique challenges drivers and their families face in this area, and we firmly believe that victims should not have to pay for another party’s carelessness. Over the last three decades, we have secured countless auto accident settlements for our clients, and we will work on your behalf to help you achieve a fair outcome in your case.

We pride ourselves on our status as a personal injury firm for the people. We fight for you, not for the big insurance companies who are trying to take advantage of their clients. We can help you navigate the complicated system of personal injury law and help to ensure the insurance companies pay their fair share.

What Is Car Accident Law?

Car accidents are nearly always someone’s fault. Even in cases of extreme weather or other improbable circumstances, one driver must typically act negligently, fail to act, or make some other mistake that caused the accident to happen. Unfortunately, this is fairly easy to do.

After a car crash occurs, a personal injury lawyer helps to investigate the circumstances behind the incident and establish fault. Then, the attorney can present these findings to the insurance companies or the court to ensure that the proper party is financially held responsible. Since motor vehicle accidents cause expensive damage, often in the form of medical bills and car repair, car accident attorneys aim to ensure the victim is not burdened by damages they did not cause.

Why Do I Need A Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Attorney?

When you are recovering from a car accident, you are already overextended by the injuries you incurred and the remedies for your damages. Between medical appointments, car repairs, and trying to heal your injuries, car accident victims are often hard-pressed to do anything else. However, building a personal injury case takes incredible amounts of time and focus. When you take on this job yourself, you are robbing yourself of precious time to heal physically and emotionally.

Insurance companies are also a concern after a car accident. Some insurance providers will try to call and interrogate victims to get them to admit fault for the accident. Others will feign concern to get you to admit that your injuries are not as bad as they seem. These tactics are sneaky and invasive and cost victims thousands of dollars in settlements. Fortunately, Rancho Cordova car accident lawyers know how to properly respond to insurance adjuster questions and can ensure that you pursue the maximum settlement for your claim.
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Negligence In Car Accident Cases

When it comes to driving a car, there are a great deal of rules and regulations that drivers need to follow. When you receive your driver’s license—and every time you drive on a public road or parking lot afterward—you agree to follow the rules of the road. In legal terms, this agreement to drive as carefully as reasonably possible and adhere to traffic laws is known as a driver’s duty of care.

If a driver fails to follow the rules or drive with care, they are breaching this duty of care. When that breach causes an accident that results in injuries to another party and causes legal damages, it is considered negligence. Such negligence is grounds for a personal injury case to allow the victim to recover their damages.

Some examples of negligence while driving include:

  • Texting or talking on the phone while driving
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI)
  • Driving while distracted
  • Failing to follow traffic signals and signs
  • Reckless driving, such as speeding, tailgating, or careless lane changes
These are only a few examples, and there are many other ways a driver can act negligently and potentially cause an accident. In any case, when someone chooses to disobey the rules of the road, they must hold liability for any damage they cause. Keep in mind that some car accidents—including DUI-related incidents—necessitate criminal trials and a defense attorney on behalf of the other driver. Most others can be settled in civil court.

Possible Car Accident Injuries

There are many ways that a driver or passenger can be injured in an auto accident. Some are incredibly serious, while others may heal fairly quickly. Examples of accident injuries include:
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Brain injuries
  • Road rash and abrasions
  • Broken bones
  • Contusions and lacerations
  • PTSD or other mental health symptoms resulting from the accident
Any injury that requires medical attention will result in expenses, including hospital bills, medical equipment expenses, and even missed work. The responsible party or their insurance company should compensate you for these damages. A car accident victim who did not cause the accident in question should not have to pay for their own care, regardless of how major or minor the injury.

What To Do After A Car Accident

When you experience a car accident, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath. Acting quickly can positively impact your health and can help preserve evidence for a potential car accident claim. For the best chance at preserving your case, follow these steps:

  1. Assess yourself for any injuries. Your health is the top priority, so seek medical attention right away if you are hurt. If you experience loss of sensation, excessive bleeding, loss of consciousness, vomiting, or are trapped beneath your vehicle, do not try to move. Wait for help to arrive.
  2. If you are able, get yourself to a safe location while you await medical attention.
  3. Record the name, license number, and insurance information of the other driver, as well as the car’s license plate, make, and model.
  4. If possible, take photos of the damage. Photograph both vehicles as well as any apparent medical injuries you may have.
  5. Photograph the surrounding area and any road signs or traffic signals nearby.
  6. Get the contact information of any witnesses.
  7. Call your attorney.

It is important that you refrain from speaking with any insurance companies until you are able to speak with your lawyer. This protects you from inadvertently admitting fault or inviting predatory actions on behalf of the insurance company.

You may need to speak with police officers if the crash caused significant damage. Give your honest account of what happened, but do not embellish too much with theories or emotional details. The police report may be used as evidence during your car accident claim, so it is important to avoid admitting fault or dismissing your injuries as insignificant.

What Is The Average Settlement For A Car Accident In California?

In the state of California, car accident settlement amounts can average between $14,000 and $28,000. The settlement amount available for your claim varies depending on the circumstances of the accident and the degree of fault assigned to each party.

It is important to note that California is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that you may claim damages even if you hold a certain percentage of fault for the accident. Similarly, if the court finds that you hold some responsibility for the accident, your settlement will be diminished by that percentage. For example, if you are awarded a settlement of $100,000 but the court determines you were 10% at fault for the accident, you will only receive $90,000.

When Should You Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident?

If you don’t have an attorney at the time of your accident, it is best to secure the services of a Rancho Cordova car accidents attorney right away. If you have an established relationship with an attorney or firm that handles personal injury law, contact the firm immediately to discuss your next steps.

Not all attorneys are qualified to handle personal injury cases. It is important to seek a lawyer with a strong background in car accident law who has successfully settled car accident claims in the past. In addition, ensure you are able to speak honestly with your attorney and can expect continuous, clear communication throughout your case.
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Kreeger Law: Your Rancho Cordova Car Accident Attorneys

If you require legal representation after a car accident in Rancho Cordova, contact our firm right away. Our skilled attorneys have years of experience with car accident personal injury claims and can help you navigate the process with ease and confidence. No injury is too large or too small for us to handle, and you can rest assured we have pursued—and won—claims like yours in the past. Our firm is passionate about representing the people and winning cases against insurance companies.