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Bicycle Accidents Lawyer in Rancho Cordova, CA

Riding a bicycle is one of the most economical, environmentally-conscious, and healthy modes of transportation available today. However, whether you ride your bicycle competitively, for leisure, or simply to work or school, it is important to stay safe on the road. Unfortunately, bicycle safety is not always under our control. Bicycle accidents are fairly common in the United States, including California, and often result in severe damage to the bicycle itself as well as the cyclist. Due to the lack of a protective frame, even riders who wear safety gear are simply no match for a much larger vehicle. As a result, it is important to know the steps you can take to protect yourself in the aftermath of a bicycle accident. Understanding basic bicycle accident law and securing the services of a trusted Rancho Cordova bicycle accident lawyer can help you navigate the courts and pursue a settlement for your damages.

Kreeger Law: Rancho Cordova Bike Accident Lawyer

The team at Kreeger Law is here to help you after you experience a devastating bike accident.  Whether your accident was the result of a car accident or a pedestrian collision, our attorneys have the knowledge necessary to pursue your claim in court. We are passionate about making sure that our Rancho Cordova clients receive proper compensation for their damages. We have been successfully representing area bicyclists for nearly 30 years, and we understand the local and state legal systems well. Our firm will represent you throughout the legal process and work to ensure that you pursue compensation for the full slate of damages you experienced. Our goal is to hold responsible parties and their insurance companies liable for the damage they caused.

What Is Bicycle Accident Law?

Bicycle accident law covers any personal injury that was obtained during a collision with or on a bicycle. Cars, trucks, mopeds, motorcycles, and pedestrians often do not consider bicyclists in their area and may act negligently around them. Careless behavior can lead to an accident that may cause serious injuries for all involved.

Unfortunately, the financial expenses following a bicycle accident can be oppressive, and insurance companies often do everything in their power to avoid paying for their clients’ mistakes. They may try to place blame on the victim, coerce the victim to admit fault, or offer a lowball settlement before the victim has an opportunity to assess their damages. Your Rancho Cordova bicycle accident attorney can help you deal with the insurance companies and pursue compensation for your injuries.

Why Do I Need A Folsom Bicycle Accidents Attorney?

While you can pursue a personal injury claim on your own, individuals who appear in court without legal representation experience significant roadblocks. Since you are negotiating with insurance companies, you can be sure that the company in question will secure a top attorney to represent their interests. If you don’t have experience in injury law, you will not be able to refute or challenge the other attorney’s arguments.

In addition, because bicycle accidents are ultimately injury cases, you must remember that you will be in the process of healing when your case begins. If you have physical injuries, your body will likely need extra rest to properly heal. If you deny yourself rest and instead attempt to argue your own case, you may ultimately fail in both respects. It is much better to hire a trusted Rancho Cordova personal injury attorney to represent you while you recuperate.

Finally, remember what is at stake when it comes to your bicycle accident claim. Without a settlement, you will be responsible for all your damages and medical bills, which could put undue financial strain on your family. Securing a fair settlement can help you avoid financial catastrophe, and proper legal representation is a wise investment.

Proving Negligence In Bicycle Accident Cases

Negligence is a key factor in personal injury cases. When it comes to bicycle accidents, factors like disobeying traffic laws or bicycle laws, failing to signal, failing to check the area, and speeding may all be considered negligent behaviors. Drivers have a duty to drive with reasonable care and prevent injury to other drivers whenever possible. Failing to follow traffic laws or driving recklessly is a breach of that duty.

Your attorney must prove this breach of duty, that it caused the accident in question, and that the accident resulted in your injuries. Your attorney must also demonstrate the specific damages caused by your injuries. To do so, they will assemble evidence to build a clear picture of who was at fault for the collision and the expenses that occurred.

Examples of evidence may include:

  • Photographs of the scene of the accident
  • Police reports
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Medical records
  • Road signs and signals at the scene

Potential Injuries From A Bicycle Accident

There are many possible injuries victims may suffer after a bicycle accident. Some of the most common bicycle injuries include:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Road rash and other abrasions
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Dental injuries
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Post-traumatic stress and other emotional responses

Each of the above conditions is potentially serious and will likely require medical attention. Without filing a personal injury claim, the victim may be responsible for paying their own bills. Bicycle accident attorneys can help ensure that the responsible party or their insurance company is held liable for causing the accident.

Some of these injuries may have obviously occurred during the accident. Others, such as PTSD, can be harder to prove. An insurance company’s attorney may try to argue that the victim had PTSD or a pre-existing injury before the accident and that the collision did not trigger it. Your attorney can arrange evidence and expert testimony from physicians and mental health professionals to refute arguments like these.
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What To Do Following A Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents often occur when you least expect them. However, by developing a plan of action ahead of time, you can act rationally in the moment and preserve your claim. After a bicycle accident, follow these steps:

  1. Assess yourself for injuries. If you are in extreme pain, are bleeding profusely, vomiting, losing consciousness, or have trouble moving parts of your body, do not move. Wait for emergency medical services to arrive.
  2. If you can move, make sure you are in a safe area away from traffic.
  3. Exchange contact information as well as insurance and driver’s license information with the other party. You may also want to take photos of these things.
  4. Take photos of the damage, including injuries to yourself and the other person, as well as any property damage. Photograph the surrounding area and any signs that are posted.
  5. Call your attorney.
Speaking to an insurance company before you have the chance to consult with your attorney is not advised. It is all too easy to inadvertently admit fault or diminish the severity of your injuries. If the police ask you to give a statement, be cooperative, but simply tell the facts. Try not to embellish or give unnecessary details that may be misinterpreted.

Settlement vs. Litigation In Bicycle Accident Cases

Many bicycle accident claims settle in negotiations before litigation is necessary. Others must go to court to allow a judge to decide the outcome. Litigation often occurs when the situation is unclear or in cases of comparative negligence (both parties sharing fault for the incident).

Settlements often occur when the accident was clearly one party’s fault, and their attorney advises a settlement to avoid a protracted court battle. Settlements are often preferable because you save time as well as court fees. However, settling often requires compromise, which could lower the amount of your award. A skilled attorney will help you determine whether litigation or settlement will achieve the best result.

What To Expect From Your Rancho Cordova Bicycle Accident Attorney

When you are facing a personal injury case, the unknown process ahead can seem extremely daunting. It is important that you know what to expect from your personal injury attorney. A trustworthy attorney will do the following:

  • Listen to your story intently and without interruption. You should feel as though you can speak freely with your attorney about your experiences. If they make you feel intimidated or like an annoyance, the attorney is not a good match.
  • Give examples of past cases they completed successfully. Your attorney should have extensive experience in bicycle accident cases and should have secured settlements for their clients in the past.
  • Clearly state their fees. Not all attorneys bill the same way, so never assume a lawyer’s rates. Good attorneys will discuss fees openly so that you can make an empowered decision about whether you can afford their services.
  • Communicate about communication. Court cases feature many filing deadlines, hearing dates, and potential roadblocks. Your attorney should effectively communicate with you throughout each stage of your case and remain accessible if you have additional questions.

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