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Truck Accident Lawyer

Folsom Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucking is a crucial component of California’s economy and the transportation network of the United States. Every day, thousands of communities across the US rely on commercial truck drivers to deliver materials and goods they need. Most Folsom, CA, area drivers see commercial trucks when they drive everyday, and most of these trucks will reach their destinations without issue. But unfortunately, truck accidents occur, often resulting in devastating losses for those involved.

Legal Counsel for Victims of Truck Accidents in Folsom, CA

If you or a loved one recently experienced a truck accident in the Folsom area, you need legal counsel you can trust to guide you through the challenging legal proceedings you are likely to face if you intend to seek accountability for your damages. Truck accidents can easily result in traumatic physical injuries that impair the victim’s ability to work and cause long-term medical complications. If another party is responsible for such losses, you need a Folsom truck accident attorney you can trust to hold them accountable.

The Kreeger Law Firm can provide the comprehensive and compassionate legal representation you need to successfully navigate your truck accident claim. Our firm has helped many past clients handle complex personal injury cases, and we can apply this experience to your situation. In addition, we strive to help every client we represent recover as fully as possible from the damages inflicted by others.

Why Do I Need a Folsom Truck Accident Lawyer?

Attempting to handle any personal injury case without legal counsel is risky. The average person with no formal legal experience would be likely to make significant mistakes in the early stages of their case. They may fail to meet court filing deadlines and risk having their complaint thrown out of court. Even if they fulfill their procedural requirements with the court, they may overlook available recovery options, settling for much less than they deserve.

Hiring an experienced Folsom truck accident attorney is the best way to improve your chances of success with a complex personal injury case. Your attorney can provide the detailed support and professional legal guidance you need to make more informed decisions about your case. They can also handle all of your court filings and other administrative requirements of your case, so you can rest and recover with peace of mind.

Ultimately, you are not only more likely to win your truck accident lawsuit when you have legal counsel advising you, but you are also more likely to maximize the total compensation you receive. Kreeger Law Firm has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of complex civil cases. We know how to uncover the avenues of compensation that many claimants overlook and how to establish a defendant’s liability for our client’s losses. When you choose us as your Folsom truck accident attorneys, we will thoroughly investigate every facet of your claim and do everything we can to secure as much compensation as California law allows.

How Your Folsom Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Any civil claim involves various complex legal mechanisms that the plaintiff must navigate correctly to reach a favorable outcome for their case. Your Folsom truck accident attorney can provide a range of legal services that help you prove fault for your recent truck accident and establish the full scope of your claimable losses.

Success with your claim will require accurately identifying the defendant or defendants responsible for the incident in question and proving the full scope of your damages. Your Folsom truck accident attorney may seek traffic camera recordings, vehicle computer data, cell phone records, and other material evidence to support your case. They will also look for eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur and take their statements to further bolster your claim and establish fault.

Once you have proven fault for your damages, you must demonstrate the full extent of those damages, and you must establish a clear causal link between the defendant’s actions and those damages. Your Folsom truck accident lawyer can help you gather whatever documentation you need to accurately establish the full range of injuries you can include in your civil action. In addition, if there are any discrepancies as to whether a listed loss is the direct result of the accident in question, your attorney can assist in proving causality.

Ultimately, every truck accident case will involve unique variables, and it’s vital to work with an attorney who has experience handling your type of personal injury case. The Kreeger Law Firm has represented many Folsom, CA, area clients in personal injury claims against truck drivers and their employers, often large companies with substantial resources and in-house legal representation.Therefore, you need an experienced legal team on your side when you face defendants with access to significant legal resources.

Determining Fault for a Folsom, CA, Truck Accident

One of the most challenging aspects of any truck accident claim in California is proving liability for the accident. While truck accidents happen for many of the same reasons that other car accidents happen, due to the large size of most commercial trucks, these incidents tend to be far more damaging, and liability may not be immediately clear. Additionally, the vicarious liability statute may come into play if a truck driver’s employer bears responsibility for their employee’s actions.

When a trucking company or other business hires an inexperienced truck driver, fails to ensure appropriate training and credentials for a driver, or neglects to conduct a proper background check on a driver, they may face liability for an accident the driver causes. Your Folsom truck accident lawyer can help you determine whether vicarious liability or liability for multiple defendants could come into play in your case proceedings.

Your legal team can assist you in gathering any physical evidence you may need to prove fault for your recent truck accident. This may include vehicle computer data and dashcam footage, if available. Your attorney may also seek copies of traffic camera recordings and review the police report of the accident to identify potential eyewitnesses. Witness statements, physical evidence, and testimony from expert witnesses could all come into play in a complicated truck accident suit in California.

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in the Folsom, CA, Area

Commercial trucks are large and heavy vehicles, and they also stand higher off the ground than most passenger cars. This leaves these vehicles vulnerable to movement shifts and sudden changes in momentum. Improperly loaded cargo or incorrectly performed truck maintenance could easily cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle in certain circumstances. When an accident results, the party responsible for loading the truck or performing truck maintenance could absorb fault for the incident.

Truck drivers can also cause serious truck accidents when they are negligent behind the wheel. Speeding, moving violations, and aggressive driving are some of the most basic forms of truck driver negligence that can easily result in a crash. In addition, drivers who consume alcohol or drugs before driving can easily cause catastrophic injuries to others, and they are likely to face criminal penalties and loss of their commercial drivers’ licenses in addition to their civil liabilities. In these situations, drivers are likely to absorb sole fault when they act outside their job duties or violate their employers’ codes of conduct. However, vicarious liability can come into play if an employer was negligent in handling the employee or enforcement of applicable regulations.

Third parties may also cause truck accidents that injure affected truck drivers and other motorists. If another driver causes a truck accident that injures you, the third party will bear fault for your damages. California law requires all drivers to maintain auto insurance coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements, but the at-fault driver may not have enough coverage to fully compensate your losses.

Once you determine how your accident happened and who is responsible, your Folsom truck accident lawyer will help you begin compiling your claim and filing it through the appropriate channels. However, before you can file your complaint, you must accurately determine the full range of your claimable damages.

Calculating Losses From a Truck Accident

Any vehicle accident is capable of causing catastrophic injuries and significant economic losses to those involved, but this risk is much higher in accidents involving large commercial trucks. California law allows the plaintiff of a personal injury case to seek total compensation for all economic losses resulting from a defendant’s actions. When a truck accident causes severe spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, and internal organ damage, the victim is likely to face a protracted and difficult recovery.

In a personal injury claim, the defendant is liable for any medical treatment costs the plaintiff incurs because of their negligence or intentional misconduct. These costs include immediate medical expenses following the accident and the costs of ongoing treatments the victim requires to heal from their injury or manage their symptoms. Your attorney can help you gather the medical records you will need to show the full extent of the treatment you require.

Your truck accident is likely to leave you unable to work for an extended period. The defendant in your case is liable for the income you lose due to their actions. This includes any accrued vacation time or paid time off you must use after your accident. In addition, if you develop any permanent disability that prevents you from working, you can hold the defendant responsible for your lost future earning potential. Your Folsom truck accident attorney can help you calculate the future income you expected to earn had your accident not occurred.

You can also hold the defendant accountable for your vehicle repair costs or the total value of your vehicle if it was damaged beyond repair in the accident. If you lost any other personal property, your attorney could help you assess its value and include these property losses in your claim.

The most sizable portion of your total recovery will likely be your pain and suffering compensation. California law allows a personal injury plaintiff to seek financial compensation for physical pain and psychological suffering inflicted by a defendant’s actions. If you are likely to recover from your injuries in a relatively brief time, your attorney may seek “per diem” pain and suffering compensation that awards a set amount each day until you reach maximum medical improvement from your injury. However, if you suffered a more significant injury resulting in permanent disability, your attorney might instead choose to pursue a larger lump sum on your behalf.


Q: How Soon After My Truck Accident Should I Hire a Lawyer?
You should address your immediate medical concerns before anything else after an accident. However, once your condition is stable, you should speak with an experienced Folsom truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Do not speak with insurance company representatives or accept any settlement offers until you have discussed your case with legal counsel.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Truck Accident Case?
Most personal injury claims in California end in settlement negotiations. As long as the defendant accepts liability and is willing to settle the case, it may only take a few weeks of negotiation to reach a suitable result. Alternatively, if the defendant contests liability or demands a trial, the case proceeds to litigation, which can take much longer to resolve.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Folsom Truck Accident Attorney?
If you are struggling with painful injuries and troublesome financial burdens from an accident someone else caused, working with the right attorneys significantly improves your chances of success with your case. The sooner you hire an attorney to represent you, the more likely you will be to maximize your final recovery.

Q: How Much Does a Truck Accident Attorney Cost to Hire?
The Kreeger Law Firm offers contingency fee billing to personal injury clients. This means the client pays no upfront legal fees and does not owe us anything if we fail to obtain a recovery for them. When we win a case, our fee is a predetermined percentage of the final case award, ensuring our client has the legal counsel they need and receives appropriate compensation for their losses.

The Kreeger Law Firm can provide the answers you need to your most important legal questions after a truck accident in Folsom, CA. To discuss your options for legal recourse after suffering injuries and other losses in a truck accident, contact us today and schedule your consultation with an experienced Folsom truck accident lawyer.