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Auburn Car Accident Attorney

Car crashes happen on a daily basis throughout California, and these incidents generate a tremendous amount of medical expenses, lost productivity, and infrastructure costs each year. The individuals affected by car accidents are often left wondering how to recover their losses, especially when someone else is clearly to blame. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries and economic losses from an accident someone else caused, you need legal counsel you can trust to hold them accountable.

Legal Representation for Auburn, CA, Car Accident Claims

The Kreeger Law Firm offers the comprehensive legal representation you need to approach the toughest personal injury claims with confidence and peace of mind. Our firm has successfully handled many car accident claims for many people who live in the Auburn, CA, area. We understand the challenges facing car accident victims and the problems they often have when securing compensation for their losses. As a result, we provide the ongoing support and compassionate legal counsel you need to reach a successful outcome for your case.

Benefits of Hiring an Auburn Car Accident Attorney

Attempting to manage your own car accident claim while recovering from serious injuries would be very difficult. You would face multiple challenges that you may not know how to address on your own. Instead of trying to deal with all these concerns at once and risking your recovery, hire an experienced Auburn car accident lawyer to handle your legal affairs so you can focus on your medical needs and household. Your legal team can help you gather whatever evidence you need to prove your accident’s liability. Then, they can guide you through the process of building your complaint against the defendant or defendants responsible for causing your damages.

Your legal counsel will also be a crucial asset when it comes to proving the full scope of the losses you incurred from the accident, ensuring the accountability of the defendant in your claim. Additionally, an experienced lawyer can also assist you in resolving the complicated insurance-related issues you may face after your accident. Ultimately, the right attorney can significantly improve your chances of securing the fullest recovery possible from your car accident claim.

Proving Fault for a Recent Car Accident in Auburn, CA

The first step toward recovering your losses from a car accident in California is identifying the party responsible for causing the accident. Some common reasons for car accidents leading to personal injury claims are:

  • Distracted driving, the most commonly noted reason for motor vehicle crashes in this country. Your attorney may seek to obtain cell phone records, vehicle computer data, and traffic camera footage to accurately prove a defendant was distracted behind the wheel.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, which is a serious criminal offense in California. The at-fault driver faces prosecution and liability for the damage they inflict on others.
  • Moving violations, such as illegal turns and running red lights. Traffic camera footage, dashcam recordings, and eyewitness statements are the best material evidence you can use to prove a driver committed a moving violation and directly caused your recent accident.
  • Speeding. Accidents that happen at high speeds are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries to those involved. Vehicle computer data can record the speeds a vehicle travels before a collision detection.
  • Aggressive or reckless driving. If a driver causes an accident due to apparent disregard for the safety of others, they will probably face prosecution in addition to civil liability for your damages.

Success with a personal injury claim requires identifying the defendant and proving they breached a duty of care owed to the plaintiff, and doing so directly caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages. Of course, the legal process unfolds differently for every case, but you can approach the unique challenges and opportunities of your own car accident claim when you have reliable legal counsel advising you.

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident

California uses a fault system to resolve car accident claims, so all licensed drivers must have insurance on their automobiles that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements:

  • An auto insurance policy must provide at least $15,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for one person. If the policyholder causes an accident that injures another driver, this coverage will apply to the injured driver’s medical expenses.
  • An auto insurance policy must include at least $30,000 in total accident liability coverage. This applies when a policyholder causes an accident that injures more than one person.
  • An auto insurance policy must have at least $5,000 in property damage liability coverage. The injured driver can claim against this coverage limit for repairs their vehicle requires after the policyholder causes an accident.

If you are hurt because another driver caused a car accident, you can file a claim against their auto insurance policy. Although state law does not require it, drivers are strongly encouraged to purchase under insured/uninsured motorist coverage in addition to their standard forms of coverage. This type of coverage comes into effect when an at-fault driver doesn’t have auto insurance or does not meet the minimum coverage requirements. You would be able to file a claim against your own insurance policy in this situation for some quick relief.

Your Auburn car accident lawyer can help you navigate the insurance claim process and address any issues you encounter throughout your interactions with the insurance company. All insurers must process claims in good faith, but these companies lose profitability when they must pay out on claims. As a result, insurers tend to look for all justifications to deny claims entirely or at least to reduce settlements as much as possible. Your Auburn car accident attorney can help ensure your claim is processed accurately and that you receive appropriate recompense from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.

Calculating Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

When your auto insurance claim is not enough to fully compensate your losses, you must build a personal injury claim against the driver who caused your accident. In addition, you have the right to seek full compensation for any economic damages you incurred, which can include:

  • Medical expenses. The at-fault driver is responsible for all medical care you require due to their actions. Your claimable medical expenses could include immediate losses like hospital bills and ambulance fees, and long-term care costs if you suffered a severe injury.
  • Lost income. The victim of a car accident may be unable to work for an extended period, and the at-fault driver is liable for the income they lose. Additionally, the defendant is accountable for lost future income if the victim cannot go back to work due to the severity of their injury.
  • Property damage. The plaintiff in a car accident claim can seek coverage for the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle. If the at-fault driver’s insurance does not have sufficient property damage liability coverage, they can seek the remainder through their personal injury claim.

These economic damages could be substantial in your claim, but this may not be the most significant part of your recovery. You can also seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Many plaintiffs discover that they can receive several times more than their economic damages in pain and suffering compensation. Your Auburn car accident attorney will help you determine an appropriate amount to include in your case based on how severe your injuries are and if you have developed any permanent medical complications because of them.

Attorneys typically use two methods to determine pain and suffering compensation. First, when a client has suffered catastrophic injuries that result in permanent disability, the attorney will be more inclined to seek a large lump sum pain and suffering settlement. They may multiply the economic damages they claim on their client’s behalf by up to five times or even more in some cases, dependingon the severity of the client’s condition. Alternatively, if the client will likely make a complete recovery within a relatively brief time, the attorney may seek a “per diem” pain and suffering settlement that awards a certain amount each day until the client fully recovers.

What to Expect From Your Auburn Car Accident Lawyer

When you choose the Kreeger Law Firm to represent you in an Auburn, CA, car accident claim, you can rely on our team to provide ongoing guidance through every phase of your case. We will assist you in gathering whatever evidence you require to firmly establish fault for your damages. We will also help you in proving the full extent of those damages.

Some car accident cases are fairly straightforward, and proving liability is relatively simple. However, discerning fault for other accidents is more challenging, and your legal team may need to consult various expert witnesses to support your case in diverse ways. For example, an accident reconstruction expert can help prove exactly how an accident happened and the forces in play during the incident. In addition, a medical professional could testify as to the extent and severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, substantiating their claim for pain and suffering compensation.

Our team has extensive experience with complex car accident claims and can address any unique challenges your case presents. For example, if you believe more than one other party is responsible for your recent accident, we can help you decide whether this will influence your total recovery. If you think you bear partial liability for the accident, our team will assist you in determining if California’s pure comparative negligence law is likely to come into play in your case. Ultimately, our team is prepared to address a wide range of variables and help our clients seek full accountability for their damages.

Auburn Personal Injury Accidents FAQs

Q: Is It Worth Hiring an Auburn Car Accident Attorney?

A: If you experience a car accident that only results in minor cosmetic damage to the vehicles involved, you may be able to resolve the situation without hiring legal counsel. However, if you suffered any injuries, even seemingly mild ones, it is always best to approach the problem with legal counsel you can trust on your side. The right attorney can profoundly affect the outcome of your case, enhancing your final recovery by a significant margin.

Q: Do You Have to Report a Car Accident to the Police?

A: California law requires drivers to call the police and report any accident resulting in death, injury, or significant property damage. If you are unsure whether your accident legally qualifies for a call to the police, it is typically best to report it. Erring on the side of caution ensures you meet your legal obligations. In addition, there will be an official police report of the accident to which you can refer later if you must take legal action against the other driver.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Finalize My Case?

A: If you have grounds to file a personal injury claim for your car accident, the case will likely end with settlement negotiations. Most civil claims end in a settlement as this provides both parties with a swift resolution. Therefore, you could potentially complete settlement negotiations within a few weeks to months at most. However, if your case proceeds to litigation for any reason, it will take much longer to resolve.

Q: How Much Does an Auburn Car Accident Attorney Cost to Hire?

A: The Kreeger Law Firm strives to ensure our legal representation is available to those who need it most when they need it most. We bill clients using a contingency fee policy. The client does not pay any upfront legal fees, nor are they responsible for any fees if we fail to obtain compensation on their behalf. Instead, we take a percentage of the final case award as our fee when we win a client’s case. We will carefully review our billing policy with you at the outset of your case, so you know what to expect in terms of your legal fees.

Contact an Auburn Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney 

The Kreeger Law Firm can answer any other legal questions you may have about your recent car accident in the Auburn, CA, area. To review your options for legal recourse with an experienced and reliable Auburn car accident attorney, contact us today to schedule your consultation with our team.