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Wrongful Death

Woodland wrongful death Lawyer

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when a loved one dies due to the negligent or intentionally harmful actions of another party, knowing this can add extreme frustration to an already emotionally stressful situation. A wrongful death occurs whenever one party’s negligence or intentional misconduct leads to the death of another party. Wrongful deaths occur in many ways, and the surviving family members likely face a complicated series of legal proceedings to hold the responsible party accountable for their loss.

Legal Counsel for Woodland, CA, Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death claim can potentially secure compensation for the surviving family and may help them transition to their new reality a bit more easily. Money cannot replace a lost loved one, but a successful wrongful death claim can help the family feel a sense of closure and obtain compensation for the lost support provided by the deceased. If you recently lost a loved one in Woodland, CA, and believe you have grounds for legal action against the party responsible for the death, it’s vital to consult an experienced Woodland wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Woodland Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful death cases are similar to personal injury cases in several ways, but these claims are more complex and often involve more complicated proceedings than standard civil actions for personal injuries. While it is technically possible for a grieving family member to file and even win a wrongful death case without an attorney, doing so is far more complicated than most people likely expect.

It would be extremely challenging to handle your case proceedings entirely on your own while mourning the loss of your loved one and managing the effects their death has had on your family. Instead of making an already demanding situation even worse for you and your family, have an experienced Woodland wrongful death lawyer manage your case on your behalf. The right legal team can significantly improve your chances of success and help you and your family maximize your overall recovery.

The Kreeger Law Firm has extensive experience with civil cases, including wrongful death claims. We understand the stress and uncertainty that a wrongful death can inflict on the surviving family and the frustration of knowing a loved one died due to another party’s reckless or intentional actions. Our goal in every wrongful death case we accept is to help our clientshave some peace of mind as their case unfolds. We explore every compensation channel available in a wrongful death case to maximize the family’s recovery. Our team will thoroughly investigate every facet of your claim and help you approach your complex proceedings with confidence.

Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths in Woodland, CA

Wrongful deaths occur every day throughout California. If you are unsure whether your loved one’s recent death qualifies for a wrongful death action, you must speak with a Woodland wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. A good attorney can advise you as to whether you have grounds for legal action and guide you through the process of building your case. Some of the most commonly reported causes of wrongful deaths that generate civil claims in Woodland, CA, are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents.Vehicle accidents continue to be a leading cause of injuries and deaths throughout the US. If a driver caused your loved one’s death in a car accident because they were distracted, speeding, driving aggressively, or operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you likely have grounds to file a wrongful death claim.
  • Medical malpractice. While thousands of people trust medical professionals to provide safe and effective care every day in California, medical negligence is one of the most common causes of accidental deaths in the US. Filing a wrongful death claim under California’s medical malpractice laws can be very challenging without an experienced attorney representing your case.
  • Interpersonal violence. California has a high rate of violent crime, and some violent acts leave victims unable to recover. If another person killed your loved onewhile committing a crime, the perpetrator is not only liable for the wrongful death but also likely faces severe criminal charges.
  • Defective products. Manufacturers can face product liability lawsuits when they release unreasonably dangerous or defective products that harm or kill consumers.
  • Premises liability. Property owners must address foreseeable safety issues on their properties as soon as possible, or at least warn lawful visitors about them. If a lawful guest or visitor suffers a fatal injury on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable for the wrongful death.

When any party bears responsibility for the death of a loved one, you should start working with a Woodland wrongful death attorney as soon as possible for the best chance of holding them accountable. Your legal team can help you gather the evidence needed to establish liability for the death in question and assist you in calculating the damages you can seek in your claim.

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What Damages Are Available in Wrongful Death Cases?

Wrongful death claims share many procedural similarities with personal injury claims, but these two types of civil claims differ when it comes to the nature of the damages sought by plaintiffs. A personal injury claim seeks compensation for damages the victim sustained because of the defendant’s actions. A wrongful death claim seeks compensation for the family’s losses resulting from the death of their loved one. Most wrongful death claims include damages such as:
  • Compensation for the family’s loss of affection, care, guidance, and society with the deceased.
  • Lost value of household services provided by the deceased.
  • Compensation for the lost financial support provided by the deceased. This generally includes income the deceased would have reasonably expected to have been able to provide to the family until retirement had they survived.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
It is important to note that a wrongful death claim does not pertain to damages sustained by the deceased’s estate. However, the family can recover such damages through a survival action filed with their wrongful death claim. As the name suggests, a survival action is a civil claim that seeks compensation for the personal injury damages the deceased could have pursued had they survived. For example, if time passed between the deceased’s fatal injury and their death, they likely lost income from time spent in medical care and incurred hospital bills to treat their final injury. A survival action can potentially secure compensation for these damages and the pain and suffering the deceased experienced before their death.

Special Rules for Wrongful Death Cases in California

California enforces a few statutes regarding wrongful death claims, mainly pertaining to who may file such claims. California’s intestate succession law typically dictates who has the right to file a wrongful death action. The first in line to file such a claim is usually the surviving spouse or partner of the deceased, followed by any adult children they left behind. Next would be parents, siblings, and other close relatives. Last in line would be anyone who can prove they were financially dependent on the deceased or anyone who can prove a valid legal claim to the contents of the deceased’s estate.

Your Woodland wrongful death lawyer will help ensure that you and your family meet all applicable statutory requirements to file your wrongful death case. They will also ensure your claim meets the two-year statute of limitations imposed by the state, which is the time limit in which you have to file your claim after the death of your loved one.

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Wrongful Death Lawyer FAQs

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Woodland Wrongful Death Lawyer?

A: The Kreeger Law Firm understands the stress and uncertainty that a wrongful death can cause for the surviving family. We strive to make our legal representation as accessible as possible with a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee means we take a percentage of your final case award as our fee, but only if we win your case. Therefore, there are no upfront costs for our legal services, and you owe us nothing if we fail to secure a recovery for your claim.

Q: How Long Does a Wrongful Death Case Take to Resolve?

A: The time required to complete a wrongful death case can vary based on multiple factors. The willingness of the defendant to accept responsibility for the death, the unique details of how the death occurred, and the extent of the damages sought by the surviving family can all influence the speed with which a wrongful death case unfolds.

Q: What Happens if My Loved One Was Partially Responsible for Their Death?

A: California’s pure comparative negligence law would come into play when an investigation reveals that your loved one was partially at fault for the incident that resulted in their death. The court would assign a fault percentage based on the decedent’s level of liability and then reduce the total case award by this percentage.

Q: Can a Person Go to Jail for Wrongful Death?

A: When a person causes the death of another person, whether due to negligence or intentional misconduct, the party responsible for the death is likely to face some level of criminal prosecution. Criminal negligence, vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and various other criminal charges could depend on how the defendant caused the death in question.

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