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Woodland Car Accident Attorney

Woodland Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are one of the most commonly reported causes of accidental injuries and deaths in the United States. California is notorious for bad traffic, high accident rates, and underinsured and uninsured drivers. These factors make it one of the riskiest states in the nation when it comes to safety behind the wheel. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries and financial losses due to an accident someone else caused, you have the right to hold them accountable for your damages.

California is a fault state when it comes to auto accidents. This means all drivers must carry appropriate insurance coverage that comes into play when they cause accidents with other drivers. Determining fault is crucial for obtaining an insurance settlement after an accident, but the at-fault driver’s insurance may not be enough to fully compensate the victim’s losses. If you find yourself in this situation, or if you face a difficult insurance claim process you do not know how to handle, you need legal counsel you can trust from an experienced Woodland car accident lawyer.

Why Do I Need a Woodland Car Accident Attorney?

Even the most seemingly straightforward vehicle accident claims can pose significant legal challenges to an injured victim. Attempting to navigate this kind of situation unassisted is incredibly risky and very stressful. While you might think this would save you money on legal fees, you are actually risking a greater loss and facing a much more difficult situation. Your attorney can not only improve your chances of succeeding with an insurance claim and a civil claim against another driver, but also ensure you receive maximum compensation for your damages.

Hiring a Woodland car accident attorney means you can focus on recovery with the reassurance of knowing your legal affairs are in trustworthy hands. Kreeger Law Firm has years of experience handling difficult car accident cases on behalf of our clients in the Woodland, CA area. We can put this experience to work for your case.

Common Causes of a Car Accident in California

Car accidents happen in many ways, and the determining factor when it comes to whether you have grounds for legal action against another driver is fault. If another driver was negligent in handling their vehicle or engaged in any intentional misconduct that resulted in your accident, they are liable for your injuries and economic damages. Some of the most commonly cited causes of accidents that lead to civil claims in California include:

  • Distracted driving. This is the top cited cause of all motor vehicle accidents in the US. Texting while driving, eating behind the wheel, or even daydreaming while driving is enough to cause a devastating accident.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). Any driver who causes an accident because they were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol behind the wheel faces criminal prosecution. This is in addition to civil liability for any damages they cause to others. DUI with injury can result in felony charges for the responsible driver.
  • Speeding. It’s essential for drivers to abide by posted speed limits. Accidents that occur at high speeds have a greater chance of causing severe injuries and deaths.
  • Moving violations. Illegal turns and running red lights can startle other drivers and easily cause collisions.

If a driver causes an accident, they are responsible for the resulting damages they cause. While their insurance may provide some compensation to the victim, it may not be enough to fully cover the total amount of the victim’s damages. In this situation, the victim has the right to file a civil claim to recover anything insurance cannot compensate.

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What Damages Can I Recover for a car accident Case?

Your Woodland car accident attorney can help you secure compensation for any and all damages caused by another driver, including rideshare companies. These damages are likely to include immediate losses like medical bills and lost income during recovery. However, plaintiffs can also seek compensation for anticipated future losses when they require ongoing medical care or cannot return to work due to permanent disability. Your attorney can assist you in determining the full scope of the economic damages you can include in your claim. They will also help you determine a fair amount of pain and suffering compensation you should receive to reflect the severity of your experience.

When it comes to pain and suffering compensation, your attorney will help you determine an appropriate amount based on what injuries you sustained, how long of a recovery you face, and whether you are likely to develop permanent medical complications.

Car Accident FAQs

Q: Is it Worth Getting a Car Accident Lawyer?
Hiring a Woodland car accident lawyer significantly increases your chances of success with your car accident claim. You can rely on your attorney to handle the procedural requirements of your case and gather any evidence necessary to establish liability for your damages. You can also count on them to represent you in your insurance claim process, helping you secure the best insurance settlement possible before proceeding with a civil claim to recover the rest of your damages.

Q: Is it Worth Suing After a Car Accident?
Not every car accident demands legal action, and you could potentially resolve a minor accident with a simple insurance claim. However, if you suffered severe injuries and cannot easily calculate your losses, you need to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. They can help you determine whether a civil suit would be in your best interests.

Q: Should I Call a Lawyer After an Accident?
It’s a good idea to consult legal counsel as soon as possible after your accident, ideally before you speak to any insurance companies. Swift legal action will help you ensure the freshness of evidence and reliability of witness testimony. Additionally, your lawyer will help you file your insurance claim against the at-fault driver’s policy, helping you secure some compensation for your losses as quickly as possible.

Q: How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Charge?
The majority of personal injury attorneys in California use contingency fees to bill their clients. This means a client pays a percentage of their final case award to the attorney as their fee. The amount paid depends on the complexity of the case and the total amount of the client’s damages. Most contingency fees are between 25% and 40% of the total case award.

It’s natural to have lots of questions about your legal options following a serious car accident in the Woodland, CA area. If you are ready to discuss your case with an experienced Woodland car accident attorney, contact the Kreeger Law Firm today and schedule your consultation with our team.