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Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights Car Accident Attorney

An auto accident in Citrus Heights can turn your life upside down, which is why you need to find a lawyer who can work for you to get your rightful compensation. It is your right to go to court to hold the guilty party responsible.

Accidents happen every day. You have a chance of being in one each time you hit the road, especially in California where traffic jams and congestion are a normal occurrence.

In Citrus Heights, you’ll easily find dangerous roads and intersections that pose a risk to you every time you drive on them. The intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Old Auburn Road is known for being a serious problem area where a left turn could easily lead to a crash. Then there is I-80, which is known for its high rates of car accidents.

At Kreeger Law, you will find an attorney who is on your side. Whether you get into an accident on one of these dangerous roads or somewhere else, I am here to ensure that someone is looking out for you and making sure you get exactly what you deserve from the responsible party. I am a personal injury lawyer who has experience, knowledge and drive to work hard for you.

How Accidents Happen

Auto accidents are almost always a result of driver error. Most of the time, these errors are easily preventable if a driver simply pays attention to driving and follows the laws of the road. Some of the top causes of car accidents in California are drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding.

The legal blood alcohol limit in California is 0.08%. It is very easy for someone to exceed this limit even if he or she is not drinking excessively. At this level, researchers have found a driver’s abilities to safely operate a vehicle are reduced, making him or her a danger on the roads.

Distracted driving can occur in three different ways. Physical distractions include any time a driver takes his or her hands off the wheel. Mental distractions occur when a driver takes his or her mind off the task of driving, and visual distractions happen when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road.

Speeding may be something that society accepts as OK, but it is a major contributor to serious auto accidents in Citrus Heights. If speed is a factor in a crash, it also increases the chances that someone will die.

These three issues are inexcusable because they are 100% preventable. If your car accident involves a drunk driver, distracted driver or speeding driver, then you need to contact me. I will make sure your case uses the law to its complete advantage to get your compensation and hold the driver responsible.

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The Impact of an Auto Accident

Accidents in Citrus Heights can have a devastating impact on your life. An attorney can help you understand the damages you have a right to claim. Damages are the monetary compensation a court awards, and in a car accident, they may include the following types:

  • Medical
  • Property
  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Psychological

Medical damages cover all the medical costs you’ve had as a result of the accident. They could include everything from the ambulance ride from the scene to the physical therapy you need in the months and years following the accident. They also include prescriptions and other treatments.

Medical expenses are not always clear because the lasting effects of the injuries from an auto accident are not always predictable. This is why you need an adept lawyer who can carefully assess your situation and use past knowledge to estimate how much money your medical needs will cost you long term.

Property damages cover the costs to repair or replace your vehicle. Your insurance company may decide that your vehicle is a total loss, which means that it feels the cost to repair it would be more than the value of the vehicle. If this happens, you will lose your vehicle and receive payment for the fair market value. If you have a car loan, you may have to continue paying it if the money you receive is not enough to cover it.

An attorney can work hard to ensure you do not end up with no vehicle and a loan you must pay off due to the car accident. I know how to make sure you get full and fair compensation. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. The other party needs to make things right, and I will work to make that happen.

There is a range of financial losses you could have due to an auto accident in California. This may include lost wages due to not being able to work because of your injuries. It could include expenses to hire child care or other services to handle things you can not do because of your physical condition.

Because expenses can easily add up and it is difficult to track them, I will make sure you include everything. My background as a personal injury lawyer allows me to know the general expenses you may incur so I can put together a proper total for the compensation you should seek in your case.

Emotional and psychological effects from an auto accident may not be something you can put a monetary value on. Such effects may include post-traumatic stress disorder, which can last for years and decades. It also may include the trauma you go through due to the death of a loved one in an auto accident.

The nature of these expenses makes it tricky when it comes to making a claim. As a knowledgeable attorney, I have the skills that allow me to properly assess your situation and request the right compensation for your emotional and psychological suffering.

File Your Case Before It's Too Late

California law sets a time limit on how long you have to bring your auto accident case to court. For injuries you sustain, you only have two years from the time of the car accident. You must bring your case to court within three years for any property damage to your vehicle. If there is a death and you wish to sue for wrongful death, you have two years.

Knowing the statute of limitations is my job as your attorney. I will ensure we get your case to court quickly without delay because filing after this time limit means you cannot get damages in court.

Contact a Lawyer in Citrus Heights Now

If you are an accident victim, then it is time to contact me at Kreeger Law. My experience in this field allows me to help you bring a solid and effective case against the responsible party. Let me help you get the proper compensation for your losses.

You can call me at 916-782-8400, or please contact me on my website to set up your free consolation.