Citrus Heights Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Citrus Heights Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Citrus Heights Rideshare Accident Attorney

At Kreeger Law Firm, our Citrus Heights rideshare accident lawyer is eager to help you recover from your rideshare accident and get the compensation you deserve. Being in a rideshare accident can be frightening, even if you are not injured. Sustaining injuries can leave you with physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Knowing the proper steps to take after a rideshare accident can make a difference in your future well-being.

Prioritize Your Safety After Uber/Lyft Accidents

Checking for injuries is an essential initial step to take after an accident. If anyone requires immediate medical attention, call 911. Injuries like whiplash can manifest later, so they should be tended to immediately. Get checked by urgent care or a doctor when you sustain an injury. In addition, documentation of injuries is crucial for a substantial compensation claim. Our attorney can use proper documentation to help you recover any losses you sustained.

If you are driving, turn on the hazard lights and move to a safe location. Safe locations may be anywhere out of traffic, including a grassy area or the sidewalk. Once safely out of harm’s way, report the accident to the rideshare company by following the set protocol. Adhering to stated policy can ensure a smoother claim process in the future.

Gather All Information

While waiting for emergency services or police to arrive, collect as much information as possible about the people involved and the surrounding scene. Document people’s contact information, vehicle details, and injuries. Take as many photos as safely as possible, and then email and text them to yourself to ensure safekeeping. Record any damage to or distinguishing features of the vehicles, as well as the details of the surrounding area, like weather conditions.
Consider Legal Representation

With California’s at-fault policy for car accidents, legal representation can significantly affect a claim for compensation. If you file a personal injury claim, it’s crucial to prove that the other party is liable, and a lawyer can help you do so. A rideshare attorney can also explain your rights and options in the claims process. If you pursue a claim, an attorney can gather evidence to determine the fault and build a robust case.

Rideshare cases typically involve multiple insurance policies, such as:

  • The rideshare company’s insurance,
  • Your insurance,
  • The rideshare driver’s insurance (when you are not the driver), and
  • The at-fault party’s insurance.

Managing this many parties can be nearly impossible. However, our attorney has experience navigating complexities like these and understands how to take the right approach. We can help you recover fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney after an accident in Citrus Heights is always recommended. However, there are some situations where consulting a rideshare accident attorney is crucial, including if you have:

  • Serious Injuries: Severe injuries require ongoing medical care. In these cases, you need maximum compensation to cover medical needs and lost wages, or you may live in debt for the rest of your life.
  • A Denied Claim: When applicable, companies deny your claim or offer low settlement amounts, and an attorney can be crucial in recovering money for your expenses. Our attorney is skilled at fighting denied claims.
  • A Complex Case: When the cause of an accident is unclear or involves multiple people, an attorney can help navigate the complex claim.

Ridesharing accidents typically involve complex legal issues, such as determining who is liable for the accident. Navigating the negotiation process with rideshare companies and their insurance providers can also be challenging. Enlisting a Folsom rideshare accident attorney from Kreeger Law Firm means that you will have someone to:

  • Explain Your Options

    In cases where you may be at fault for an accident, it may be wise to examine the possibilities of making a claim. California is an “at-fault” state, meaning that the party who caused the accident is financially responsible for the damages. However, it is also a pure comparative negligence state, so you can recover some compensation even when you are 99% at fault for an accident. Understanding your options is essential for correctly proceeding in a rideshare accident case.

  • Investigate Your Accident

    If you are involved in a rideshare accident, you need a thorough case investigation. Building a solid case means gathering police reports, witness statements, and accident scene photos. Our attorney can complete these tasks and determine how and why the accident happened to identify who is at fault.

    If your rideshare driver’s negligence caused the accident, you may have a personal claim against them. In contrast, in other cases, you may have a claim against the rideshare company or other drivers.

  • Calculate Damages and Losses

    Our rideshare accident attorney can identify the damages and losses resulting from your accident. These calculations can ensure you receive worthy compensation. Damages incurred may include medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and property damages.

    Calculating damages may also involve consulting medical professionals to examine the extent of your injuries and how they may affect your life.


Q: Can Someone Sue You for a Rideshare Accident if You Have Insurance in California?

A: Even if you have liability insurance in California, someone can sue you for a rideshare accident.

Commonly, insurance companies attempt to decrease payout amounts to car accident victims. When an individual’s insurance compensation is not suitable for their expenses, they might file a personal injury claim to recover the rest of their money.

Hiring an attorney to advocate for your rights can be beneficial if you are being sued.

Q: What Happens if a Minor Crashes a Car in California?

A: If a minor crashes a car in California, their parent is likely liable. Minors legally driving have likely had a parent sign for civil liability. In California, a parent or legal guardian must sign the minor’s driver’s license, giving them civil liability. This means the parent is responsible for potential future damages when they give or imply permission for the minor to operate the vehicle.

Q: Can You Sue Someone for a Rideshare Accident in California?

A: You can sue someone for a rideshare accident in California, and many people do. Car accidents can leave long-lasting impacts on an individual’s life, so the option to file a claim can be important to many people. Insurance companies often do not pay auto accident victims enough compensation to cover their medical bills, leading them to sue.

Q: How Does Uber Car Accident Compensation Work?

A: Uber’s car accident compensation varies based on the context of the accident. Drivers who cause an accident while offline must pay with their own personal insurance. When drivers are in an accident while online and available to drive, Uber covers $100,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage. When drivers are on their way to a customer or on a trip, Uber provides at least $1 million for injuries and property damage.

Find Your Rideshare Accident Attorney in Citrus Heights

Our attorney at Kreeger Law Firm understands how overwhelmed you may feel after a rideshare accident. We can work as your loyal advocate and help you get on the path to recovery. When ready, contact us today for a consultation.