Marysville Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Marysville Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Marysville Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A personal injury occurs whenever one party inflicts harm on another party through negligence or illegal misconduct. Some victims of personal injuries will recover fully with time, rest, and appropriate medical care, but others are left permanently damaged from their experiences. A catastrophic personal injury is any such injury that causes permanent harm to the victim.

Helping Marysville, CA, Clients Recover From Catastrophic Injuries

If you or a loved one recently suffered any catastrophic injury due to the actions of another party, a Marysville catastrophic injury attorney is the optimal resource to consult to determine your most viable options for legal recourse. State law dictates that the party responsible for your injury is liable for all the damages they inflicted, but accurately calculating both immediate and future damages from a serious personal injury can be very challenging without legal counsel you can trust advising you. The team at Kreeger Law Firm has the skill and experience you need on your side for this challenging personal injury claim in Marysville, and we will do everything we can to maximize your recovery.

Building Your Catastrophic Injury Claim in Marysville

To succeed with any civil suit for damages in Marysville, CA, the injured party needs to identify the party responsible for their injury and prove their actions directly caused their claimed damages. If negligence caused a catastrophic injury, the victim needs to show that the defendant failed to act with reasonable care in a manner resulting in their damages. It is also possible for illegal misconduct to cause a catastrophic injury, and the defendant will face criminal charges as well as a civil claim for damages from the victim.

A few examples of some of the most commonly reported catastrophic injuries include:

  • Spinal injuries. The spinal cord allows the brain to control the rest of the body, but the spinal cord cannot self-repair from injury like the rest of the body. Spinal cord injuries can potentially result in diminished sensation and reduced range of motion, but complete injuries that sever the cord will result in permanent paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Any injury to the brain has the potential to cause a host of adverse effects, from persistent headaches and sensory disruption to memory loss, personality changes, and neurological complications. Brain injuries are unpredictable in the symptoms they can cause and very difficult to treat.
  • Burns. Severe burn injuries are not only very painful but also likely to cause permanent disfigurement. The affected area of the body will develop scar tissue that is not as flexible as uninjured skin, potentially causing chronic pain and discomfort. The scars caused by serious burns are also psychologically harmful.

Once you have proven how your catastrophic injury occurred, the next step in your case is proving the entire range of damages resulting from the injury. Under state law, you have the right to seek repayment of medical expenses, lost income, lost future earning power, property damage, and any other economic losses caused by the defendant’s negligence or misconduct. You may also claim pain and suffering compensation, and California law only limits this aspect of your recovery if your claim falls within the bounds of medical malpractice law. When you have Kreeger Law Firm representing you, our goal is to help you secure the maximum amount of compensation allowable under the law in the most efficient manner.

Personal Injury Accident FAQs

Q: When Does a Personal Injury Qualify as Catastrophic?

A: The main determining factor as to whether a personal injury counts as catastrophic is permanent harm. If you or a loved one suffered any personal injury from another party’s actions that caused permanent damage of any kind, this likely constitutes the foundation of a catastrophic injury claim. An injury can be catastrophic if it causes permanent physical harm, psychological damage, or scarring.

Q: Do I Really Need to Hire a Marysville Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

A: Technically, there is no law requiring you to hire legal counsel so you have every right to attempt to handle your catastrophic injury claim on your own. However, doing so would be very difficult due to the significant complexity of these cases and the fact that you would contend with strict procedural rules for your case while also managing your recovery. Ultimately, hiring a Marysville catastrophic injury attorney to represent you makes every aspect of your claim easier to manage and significantly improves your chances of recovering the maximum possible compensation for your damages.

Q: How Much Is My Catastrophic Injury Claim Worth?

A: Under the state’s personal injury laws, you have the right to seek full repayment of all the financial losses you suffered because of the defendant’s actions. This includes both immediate and future damages. For example, most catastrophic injuries demand immediate emergency care followed by extensive ongoing rehabilitative treatment. The defendant is liable for all the associated medical expenses; they are also liable for the pain and suffering they caused. Your Marysville catastrophic injury attorney will know how to maximize your case award.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Marysville Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

A: Kreeger Law Firm makes our legal representation accessible to those who need it most with contingency fee billing. You are not required to pay upfront or ongoing fees for our legal counsel. We only take a fee if we win your case, and the fee we take is a percentage of the total amount we recover on your behalf. However, if our team is unable to secure compensation for your damages for any reason, you do not pay a fee at all.

Q: How Soon Should I File My Catastrophic Injury Case in Marysville?

A: State law imposes a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. You must file your claim within two years of the date your injury occurred; otherwise, you could lose your opportunity to claim compensation from the defendant who injured you. It’s advisable that you start your claim proceedings as soon as possible after initial recovery, so once your condition is stable, you should reach out to a Marysville catastrophic injury attorney you can trust with your case.

Kreeger Law Firm can provide the compassionate and supportive legal counsel you and your family need after another party has inflicted a catastrophic injury on you or a loved one. We have years of experience providing legal counsel to personal injury victims in Marysville, and we’re prepared to leverage this experience on your behalf. If you want to explore your options for legal recourse with the help of a seasoned Marysville catastrophic injury attorney, contact Kreeger Law Firm today and schedule your free consultation with our team.