How Much to Ask For in a Personal Injury Settlement in California

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If you or a family member recently suffered any kind of personal injury due to the actions of another party, it is only natural to wonder how much compensation you could potentially secure from a personal injury claim against them. Unfortunately, the reality is that not only are most personal injury claimants in the state initially unaware of the full scope of damages they can seek from the defendants in their claims, but they also undervalue their cases.

Most people do not know the full range of damages they can claim in a personal injury case, and the right personal injury attorney is the best asset they can have for maximizing their recovery. If you are struggling with the effects of another party’s negligence or misconduct, you need a legal team you can trust to guide you through the civil claim proceedings ahead of you.

Claimable Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

California law is relatively flexible in terms of the compensation available to the plaintiff in a personal injury case. Under state law, you can hold the defendant accountable for any and all economic losses they caused you to suffer, and this includes economic damage that has not yet been realized. Immediate and future losses are recoverable with the right attorney handling your case. The normal personal injury claim may seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses. You can hold a defendant accountable for the cost of any medical care you require due to their actions. For example, if you suffered a severe personal injury, you may face a very long road to recovery that entails extensive ongoing treatment. The defendant is liable for all of these medical expenses.
  • Lost income. Your personal injury may have left you unable to work, and the defendant is responsible for the wages you cannot earn while you recover. Additionally, you can claim compensation for lost future income if you were left permanently disabled by the injury.
  • Property damage. Depending on how your personal injury occurred, the defendant may have insurance coverage that will pay for repairing or replacing any of your personal property lost because of their actions. Any outstanding property damage can be included in your personal injury suit.
  • Pain and suffering. The state only limits pain and suffering compensation in medical malpractice cases. For all other personal injury claims, there is no limit on the amount of pain and suffering compensation you can seek from the defendant who injured you.

Every personal injury claim will pose unique challenges to the plaintiff, and it’s vital for them to have reliable legal counsel readily available to assist them in addressing the unique variables present in their case.

Another important factor to remember if you intend to file a personal injury case of any kind is the state’s pure comparative negligence law. Under this statute, a plaintiff may still claim compensation for their damages if they are partially to blame for causing those damages. However, they lose a percentage of their case award that reflects their percentage of fault for causing those damages. So, for example, if you seek $500,000 in damages from a defendant but are found 10% at fault, this will mean losing $50,000 from your case award.

The right attorney is the best asset to have on your side for maximizing your recovery from any type of personal injury. The sooner you secure legal counsel, the better your chances are of obtaining the greatest case award possible under California law. The Kreeger Law Firm has extensive professional experience with all types of personal injury claims, and we have successfully obtained substantial case awards for many past clients.


Every personal injury claim is entirely unique, even those that appear to pertain to seemingly identical causes. On average, personal injury plaintiffs in the state recover about 1.5 times the economic losses they suffered from their personal injuries. The total value of a personal injury claim typically hinges on the scope of immediate and future damages a plaintiff faces from the incident in question.
The total potential value of your personal injury case hinges on the severity of your losses and whether you face long-term damages because of the incident in question. Most plaintiffs are able to secure full repayment of their economic losses along with pain and suffering compensation. Therefore, an experienced personal injury attorney is a vital asset if you want to maximize your final case award.
State law places a two-year statute of limitations on most personal injury cases. This means the plaintiff must file their claim no later than two years from the date the injury occurred. Some factors may toll or delay this claim, but it is always best for the plaintiff to secure legal representation from a trustworthy attorney as soon as possible after their injury to have the best chance for recovery.
It’s possible that your personal injury settlement may include a payment from the defendant’s insurance company along with a direct payment from the defendant themselves for the compensation they owe you that their insurance cannot provide. Your attorney can help you understand exactly how your settlement will be paid and how long it will take you to receive it after finalizing your case.

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The Kreeger Law Firm has helped many past clients recover substantial case awards for their personal injuries, and our team is often able to secure far more compensation than our client expects at the outset of their case. If you are ready to discuss your options for legal recourse in response to a personal injury with an attorney you can trust, contact the Kreeger Law Firm today and schedule a consultation with our team.