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Folsom Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Folsom Rideshare Accident Attorney

If you incurred injuries from a rideshare accident, you may be able to seek compensation with the help of a Folsom rideshare accident lawyer. Rideshare services can help people get around, but distracted, aggressive, or under-the-influence drivers can cause accidents, leaving people unsure of how to proceed. At Kreeger Law Firm, we have over 33 years of experience helping Folsom residents navigate personal injury cases.

What to Do If You Believe Your Driver Will Cause an Accident

As a rideshare passenger in Folsom, you should have a safe and licensed driver who operates in a non-distracted environment and a well-maintained vehicle. You should also have a clear path for entering and exiting the car. You can request a different ride to ensure a safer trip if any of these details are absent.

When you enter a rideshare vehicle, you may feel like your safety is in the driver’s hands. While these drivers should use caution, many can use reckless methods that put people in danger. If you believe your driver will cause an accident, politely alerting the driver that you feel unsafe can be wise. Even if this action feels intimidating, a successful check-in can be the difference between getting to your destination safely and suffering a severe injury.

Asking a driver to slow down, pull over, or drive more safely advocates for you and your future. Reporting an unsafe rideshare trip can help prevent an accident at a later date. Using the utmost caution can save you and other’s lives.

What to Do After Folsom Uber/Lyft Accidents

Rideshare accidents can become increasingly prevalent in areas where rideshare apps are more popular. In Folsom, your priority should be your safety first after an accident occurs. Crucial steps to ensure the safety and protection of your rights can include:

  • Checking for Injuries: Assessing yourself and others for injuries is vital to the safety of anyone involved. Whether or not anyone has severe injuries, someone needs to call 911. Let law enforcement know if you or someone else is hurt so that emergency services can help. Even minor injuries should be checked and documented by a medical professional as soon as possible.
  • Securing the Scene: After ensuring you sustained no injuries, you can turn hazard lights on and move to a safer location. Better locations can include sidewalks or other areas away from traffic. This step can help protect you from further harm and allow first responders to arrive quickly and safely.
  • Reporting the Accident: Report the accident to the rideshare company through their app and follow any relevant protocols. Following their guidelines can help facilitate a later claims process.
  • Gathering Information: While waiting for medical assistance and law enforcement to arrive, collect contact details from everyone in the accident, including the rideshare driver, other drivers, and witnesses. Take down insurance and vehicle information as well.
  • Documenting the Scene: Taking pictures of the accident scene can provide possible evidence in an accident claim. Include damage to vehicles and other property, visible injuries, traffic signals, weather conditions, and anything that paints the scene of the surrounding area.

Protecting Your Rights Through Documentation

It is crucial to remember your rights after a rideshare accident in Folsom. Even if your injuries seem minor, you should get checked by a doctor or an urgent care facility. Early detection, diagnosis, or evaluation can be an essential document recording your injuries, especially if you decide to pursue compensation for your medical bills.

Maintain and make copies of all documents related to the accident, including medical bills, police reports, communication with the rideshare or insurance companies, and photos you took at the scene. Having clear documentation and a paper trail can be helpful later.

When to Consider an Attorney

Rideshare accident claims often involve complicated legal jargon or issues related to liability. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer can help you properly investigate, handle insurance claims, and know your rights.

When considering legal representation, a personal injury attorney can ensure you receive maximum compensation for your severe injuries, lost wages, and other damages that may require ongoing medical care.

Representing You in Court

There is no mandate for legal representation, but if your case goes to court, Kreeger Law Firm can represent you to protect your rights. Litigation can require presenting evidence, arguing your case to a judge, and advocating for maximum compensation. It takes an attorney adept with California law to get the compensation you deserve for your rideshare accident.

Rideshare Accidents FAQs

Q: How Long After a Rideshare Accident Can You Sue in California?

A: When wondering how long after an accident you can sue in California, it can help to understand that you should initiate the process as soon as you are safe. In the state, you must report an accident involving injuries soon after it occurs. If you were injured, law enforcement and medical professionals should file their respective reports and document your injuries. The statute of limitations is two years, so you must file a personal injury claim by this time.

Q: How Long After a Rideshare Accident Can Someone Sue You in California?

A: When you cause someone else’s damages in a rideshare accident, they can contact a personal injury attorney and sue you within the statute of limitations of two years. Injuries could be discovered immediately, in which case the time period starts then. If they found the injury later, the statute of limitations is a year after discovery.

Q: Is It Worth Suing for Whiplash After a Rideshare Accident?

A: Whether it is worth suing for whiplash is up to the victim seeking to recover from their injury. An attorney can provide you with an estimate of your settlement, after which you might decide that pursuing legal action is worthwhile. More severe injuries that result in higher medical bills and more time missed from work should result in larger settlements. Knowing how to make an informed decision can always be beneficial.

Q: What Is the Maximum Payout for Whiplash From a Rideshare Accident?

A: The maximum payout for whiplash can vary. While many recover in weeks, some injuries can become chronic. Because of the disparity between recovery times and difficulty surrounding diagnosing the condition, getting an insurance company to offer adequate compensation can be difficult.

Contact a Rideshare Accident Lawyer for Your Claim Needs

If you or a loved one sustains whiplash or other injuries from a rideshare accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Kreeger Law Firm today for a consultation. We can advocate for your maximum compensation.