Roseville Rideshare Accident Lawyer

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Roseville rideshare accident attorney

Roseville rideshare accident attorney

Over the past several years, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become influential players in the California transportation market, offering app users the ease and convenience of summoning drivers whenever they need them at competitive prices. However, as these rideshare services grew in popularity, public concern grew over liability for accidents involving rideshare drivers. This public outcry spurred lawmakers in California and throughout the US to create new laws that placed greater liability for accidents on rideshare companies, compelling them to carry insurance coverage that applies to drivers, passengers, and bystanders hurt in rideshare accidents.

Legal Representation for Victims of Rideshare Accidents in Roseville, CA

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries from an accident with a rideshare driver’s vehicle or while using a rideshare service as a passenger, you would generally approach the situation the same way as any other car accident. However, determining liability for your damages may be more complicated than it would in a typical car accident, and obtaining insurance compensation from a rideshare company’s insurance carrier is often more challenging than securing a claim payout through a private driver’s personal auto insurance policy.

A rideshare accident claim is a complex personal injury matter that demands the attention of an experienced Roseville rideshare accident attorney. Your legal counsel can help you navigate the difficult insurance matters that typically follow these incidents and assist you in calculating your damages, ultimately helping you maximize your recovery to the fullest extent possible under California state law. Kreeger Law can provide the legal representation you need when facing a complex rideshare accident claim in Roseville, CA.

Why Do I Need a Roseville Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

It’s natural to wonder about your best legal options when you know another party is responsible for your recent personal injury. For example, suppose you were hurt when a rideshare driver crashed into your vehicle or while riding as a passenger in a rideshare. In that case, it’s understandable to assume that another party is responsible for your damages. However, the actual process of holding the at-fault party accountable and securing the compensation you deserve is likely to be more challenging than you may initially expect.

While it is technically possible for a personal injury plaintiff to handle their case on their own, their chances of success and of maximizing their recovery are much more significant when they have experienced and reliable legal counsel on their side. Not only would you increase your chance of success with your claim by hiring an attorney, but you would also be able to rest and recover with peace of mind while your legal team handles your case on your behalf, providing you with timely updates as the case unfolds.

Attempting to handle your case on your own and meet all of your procedural requirements with the Roseville civil court while also managing the effects of your accident would be incredibly challenging. However, Kreeger Law can provide the legal counsel you need to avoid common accident claim errors, approach your case with confidence, and focus on your recovery with reassurance that your case is in trustworthy hands.

Do Uber and Lyft Compensate for Accidents?

Uber, Lyft, and the other rideshare services operating throughout the US must offer insurance coverage to their drivers and passengers, but particular conditions apply when it comes to filing a claim against Uber or Lyft for compensation after a rideshare accident. For example, both Uber and Lyft offer nearly identical insurance coverage for accidents that occur in California. However, the rideshare company’s insurance coverage fluctuates based on the driver’s status when an accident occurs:

  • When a rideshare driver is not logged into their driver app and is driving for their own purposes, the rideshare company’s insurance does not apply if they have an accident, regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident. They must handle this situation as they would in any other car accident.
  • Suppose a rideshare driver is logged into their driver app but has not accepted a ride request. In that case, the rideshare company provides limited liability coverage if the driver’s personal auto insurance policy cannot cover the total amount of the claim. This tier of coverage provides up to $25,000 total property damage liability coverage, $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for a single person, and $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for a single accident.
  • Once a driver has accepted a ride request and is either on the way to pick up a passenger or is transporting a passenger to their desired destination, the rideshare company’s greatest tier of insurance coverage applies, providing up to $1 million in liability coverage for damages the driver’s own auto insurance policy won’t cover. This increases to include underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and limited coverage for repairing or replacing the driver’s vehicle.

You might assume that $1 million in insurance coverage should be enough to fully compensate your losses after a rideshare accident in Roseville, but it’s vital to consider two possibilities: your total damages could eclipse the insurance coverage provided by the rideshare company’s policy, and there is no guarantee you will secure the total amount of coverage provided by the rideshare company’s insurance policy. As a result, it’s likely that if you were severely injured in a rideshare accident that you will need to take legal action beyond your initial insurance claim.

Securing Compensation for What InsuranceWon’t Cover

A Roseville rideshare accident attorney can make filing an insurance claim after a rideshare accident much more manageable. Additionally, having an attorney assist you with drafting your demand letter to the insurer will reduce the chance of the insurer unfairly pushing back against your claim. When the rideshare company’s insurance policy does not fully compensate your losses, even with the help of an attorney in filing your insurance claim, you would need to approach recovering the remainder of your losses as you would after any other car accident.

Rideshare Accident Attorney Roseville

First, you must determine liability for the accident. For example, suppose you were riding as a passenger in a rideshare, and the rideshare driver caused the accident. In that case, the driver is liable for any damages to their personal auto insurance policy, which the rideshare company’s insurance policy wouldn’t cover. However, it is also possible for the rideshare company to face liability if it is discovered that it failed to properly vet the driver before approving them for work.

If a third party caused your rideshare accident, you would secure as much as you possibly could through available insurance coverage before filing your personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Whatever your rideshare accident entails, having the right attorney on your side will make a significant difference in the quality of your overall recovery.

Damages Possible in a Rideshare Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can easily result in catastrophic and life-changing injuries. Your Roseville rideshare accident lawyer can help you calculate the full scope of the damages you can include in your rideshare accident claim, which may include:

  • Medical expenses, including those you incur immediately following your accident, as well as long-term treatment costs. Some injuries will heal completely, while others will pose long-term complications and treatment requirements to victims. California law allows a personal injury plaintiff to claim all medical expenses resulting from a defendant’s actions.
  • Lost income, including your lost earning potential if your accident leaves you unable to return to your job. Your Roseville rideshare accident lawyer will help you calculate the wages you lost due to your injuries, as well as potential future losses if you cannot continue working due to your injuries.
  • Property damage. A personal injury plaintiff has the right to recover compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle damaged by a defendant in a rideshare accident.
  • Pain and suffering. California personal injury law allows a plaintiff to recover compensation for pain, trauma, and emotional distress caused by a defendant’s actions. Your attorney will review your total economic damages and the long-term effects you are likely to experience from the accident to help you determine a reasonable amount of pain and suffering damages to include with your claim.

When you have the right Roseville rideshare accident lawyer handling your case, you may be surprised to discover your claim is worth much more than you initially expected.

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What to Expect From Your Roseville Rideshare Accident Attorney

Your legal team can perform several valuable services throughout a rideshare accident case.They’ll assist you in filing your insurance claims and helping you maximize your compensation from available insurance coverage, and they can help you address any unforeseen complications in dealing with insurance carriers. For example, suppose insurance is not enough to cover your losses. In that case, your Roseville rideshare accident lawyer will help you take the next step toward your recovery and file a personal injury claim against the driver responsible for causing the accident.

Kreeger Law offers comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel to drivers injured in rideshare accidents. We understand the devastating effects of these incidents on victims and their families and strive to provide the client-focused and responsive legal counsel rideshare accident victims need. Get the answers to your most pressing legal questions and the legal counsel you need from an experienced Roseville rideshare accident lawyer by contacting Kreeger Law today and scheduling a consultation with our team.

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