Placerville Rideshare Accident Lawyer

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Placerville rideshare accident attorney

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are very popular in Placerville and throughout California, providing app users with affordable and accessible alternatives to taxis and public transportation. However, if you use these services, it is imperative to acknowledge that you face the same risk of an accident as you would riding in any other vehicle. However, should an accident occur, you are likely to face more complex legal proceedings in your efforts to recover.

Placerville Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Legal Counsel for Rideshare Accident Claims in Placerville

Kreeger Law Firm can provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need in the aftermath of a rideshare accident caused by another driver. Your recovery is likely to require filing an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver, and you may need to claim against the rideshare company’s insurance as well. If insurance alone cannot compensate you for all your losses, you will need to file a civil suit against the at-fault driver. Whatever your recovery may require, you can rest assured that the team at Kreeger Law Firm has the skills and resources necessary to guide you to a positive conclusion. We have handled many personal injury claims in Placerville and are ready to leverage this experience on your behalf.

How to Recover From a Rideshare Accident in Placerville

All rideshare companies must have auto insurance that comes into play whenever their drivers have accidents. If you were riding in a rideshare vehicle and the driver caused an accident, their personal auto insurance policy will form the first step of your recovery process, followed by a claim against the rideshare company’s insurance. Uber and Lyft have equivalent insurance that functions differently based on the timing of an accident.

If a rideshare driver causes an accident while they are logged out of their driver app, their own auto insurance applies to the accident. If they are logged in and waiting for a passenger, the first level of the rideshare company’s insurance applies, providing up to $50,000 in bodily injury coverage for a single person, up to $100,000 in bodily injury coverage for multiple persons injured in a single accident, and up to $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

When this insurance coverage is not enough to fully compensate your losses after a rideshare accident, you can proceed with a civil suit against the party responsible for causing the crash. This could be the rideshare company if they were in any way negligent in their hiring of the driver, or the driver themselves or a third party could face liability for the remainder of your damages.

When you choose Kreeger Law Firm as your legal counsel, we can help determine the optimal path to recovering maximum compensation for your damages. We can help resolve your auto insurance claims as efficiently as possible, handling any disputes that might arise with the insurance carriers. If you must file a civil suit to recover damages that insurance won’t cover, we can guide you through these proceedings and help secure maximum compensation from the party responsible for your accident.


Q: How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Rideshare Accident in Placerville?

A: The total potential value of any rideshare accident claim in Placerville depends on the scope and severity of the victim’s damages and how the at-fault driver caused the accident. Under state law, the victim of any personal injury has the right to claim compensation for their economic losses and their pain and suffering. The defendant could also face liability for additional damages if they caused the accident through illegal misconduct. Your Placerville rideshare accident attorney can provide an estimate of your claim’s total potential value.

Q: Can I File a Claim Against Uber or Lyft If Their Driver Hit My Car?

A: If you were driving your own vehicle and a rideshare driver caused an accident with you, your recovery would begin with a claim against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance. Once you have secured as much compensation as possible through this claim, you could proceed with filing a claim against the rideshare company’s insurance for further compensation. If insurance cannot fully repay the entire scope of your losses and the rideshare company was negligent in its handling of the driver responsible for your accident, you likely have grounds for a civil suit against the rideshare company for its negligence.

Q: What Happens if a Rideshare Accident in Placerville Is Fatal?

A: When any personal injury results in death, the victim’s family has the right to bring a wrongful death suit against the party who caused the death. If you lost a loved one in a rideshare accident, your family would likely need to file an insurance claim against the at-fault driver for some initial compensation, and after exhausting their policy, you could claim against the rideshare company’s insurance and proceed with your civil suit against the at-fault party.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Placerville Rideshare Accident Attorney?

A: Navigating the aftermath of any motor vehicle accident in Placerville can be challenging, and this is especially true for rideshare accidents. Working with a seasoned Placerville rideshare accident attorney enables you to focus on your medical needs while your legal affairs are in capable hands. You are more likely to succeed with your recovery efforts and maximize your compensation when you have a reliable Placerville rideshare accident attorney handling your case.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Placerville Rideshare Accident Attorney?

A: Kreeger Law Firm uses the contingency fee billing system for our personal injury clients in Placerville. This means that when you hire our team, it will cost nothing upfront, and we will not charge legal expenses during your case proceedings. Once we win your case, we will take a percentage of your total case award as our contingency fee, but if we cannot obtain compensation on your behalf for any reason, you pay nothing. This billing system eliminates the risk of excessive legal fees overtaking your final case award.

The team at Kreeger Law Firm has successfully represented many civil claims for damages on behalf of Placerville area clients, including those arising from rideshare accidents. We develop individualized legal strategies for each client, taking time to listen to their story and helping them uncover every channel of compensation available to them. If you are ready to learn how an experienced Placerville rideshare accident attorney can empower your recovery efforts, contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our team.