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Roseville CA Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Civil Boy Scout sexual abuse case goes to trial

A 20-year-old man who was sexually abused by a Boy Scout adult volunteer in 2007 has sued the Boy Scouts of America in a personal injury lawsuit. The case began trial this week.

The man is arguing that the organization failed to warn parents and volunteers about the dangers of sexual abuse. His attorney said he will be using 16 years of "perversion" files that the organization kept private, documenting “a long and sordid history of child sexual abuse committed against young Scouts.” 

What to do after a horse bite in California

The Bay Area is one of the best places in the country to get a taste of the beautiful outdoors. Residents and visitors alike have the option to explore the beaches, foothills and vineyards on bikes, foot or on horseback.

In fact, horseback riding is a popular recreational activity in the area, and there is a variety of stables and businesses that offer horseback riding excursions.  

What some people forget is that horses are wild animals, and they are huge and powerful wild animals at that. All too often, unsuspecting people end up getting thrown off of horses or bitten, causing serious injuries.

Fog a problem on rural Central Valley roadways

Earlier this month, five field workers were killed in rural Stockton, California, after a driver ran a stop sign and collided into another vehicle. Although not the primary cause of the accident, fog was reported to have been a factor in the crash.

Winter fog in California’s Central Valley has being blamed for many car accidents this month, and the problem tends to be the worst on rural roads. A spokesman from the California Rural League Assistance said the road lines and boundary markers can be very difficult to see on foggy back country roads.

How are speed limits set?

After a motor vehicle accident occurs, one of the first things police investigate is whether any of the vehicles involved were speeding. As we all know, speeding is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents. However, have you ever wondered how speed limits are set?

You might be surprised to know that drivers play a big part in establishing speed limits, and that there usually isn’t much emphasis on pedestrian or bicyclist safety. Essentially, speed limits are based on the speed drivers feel safe driving on a particular street or highway. 

OnStar technology to be used in driving assessments

Excluding the occasional backseat driver, it has probably been a while since you have had your driving skills critiqued. However, if you are an OnStar customer, that might soon change.

The company is set to begin offering a program to customers that would provide a detailed driving assessment at the end of a three-month testing period, Carrier Management reported.

Geared toward customers who want an honest assessment of their driving skills, the program is the first of its kind to test the actual driving behavior of drivers using the OnStar services, which are based on mobile phone voice and data communication.

Who is liable in a rear-end collision?

One of the most basic rules of the road is to leave enough room between your car and the car ahead of you so that if the car ahead of you suddenly stops you have enough time to apply the brakes without running into the back of it.

What that means is that if you are hit from behind, the other driver is almost always at fault. Even if you ended up slamming into the person in front of you after you were hit, you are likely not liable for that person’s damage. The person who caused the initial accident in a chain-reaction is often responsible for all damages.

Wrong-way driver blamed in fatal Sacramento accident

Sacramento Police say they think drugs or alcohol may have played a role in a wrong way accident on eastbound Interstate 80 that left three people dead early Saturday morning.

The tragedy occurred when a 24-year-old Roseville man was traveling the wrong way on I-80 around 2:10 a.m. and crashed into another vehicle head-on. Police said what made the situation even more precarious was the fact that the Roseville man’s vehicle was black and its headlights were not on. 

Moveable traffic barrier installed on Golden Gate Bridge

Most Bay Area residents have driven across the Golden Gate Bridge at least once in their lives, and for some the experience was terrifying, especially if they found themselves in the middle “suicide lanes.”

Until recently, the middle lanes on the 1.7-mile long bridge were only separated by small, plastic pylons, which made head-on collisions a real threat.

In fact, there have been 128 head-on collisions on the bridge since 1970, the Claims Journal reported. These accidents have resulted in 16 deaths over the years. The last head-on collision occurred 14 years ago, but bridge officials never gave up their fight for a movable barrier to help improve safety.  

California lawmaker advocates for car seat safety

New parents often fret over getting into a car accident with their children, but our modern society often requires parents to drive with their offspring in tow on a daily basis despite their fears. Soon, parents become accustomed to driving with their children and they become less concerned about potential car accidents.

However, parents must take the necessary precautions to keep their children safe in case a car accident should occur. As we have discussed in previous posts, small children can be seriously injured in even minor car accidents, especially when car seats are not installed properly.  

Dog attacks common in California despite strict liability law

This fall, the Insurance Information Institute reported that dog bites were up five percent across the nation over the year before, and California was seeing the highest number of dog attacks out of all the states.

The Insurance Information Institute reports on animal attacks such as dog bites because it is usually homeowners' or renters' insurance policies that pay for damages.  In fact, in 2013, insurance companies in California paid out $65 million in dog bite claims. The average payout for these claims was $33,700.

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