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Roseville CA Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

California highway patrol launches distracted driving campaigns

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the summer months are officially coming to an end for California residents. What that means is that thousands of kids in the state will be returning to school and drivers will once again need to exercise heightened caution within school zones.

Pedestrian safety has always been a concern around school zones, but this is even truer since distracted driving has become an increasing problem in recent years. For that reason, the California Highway patrol is conducting an operation this week to stop drivers from distracted driving in school zones.

Placer County bus accident leaves 2 children hurt

There is no question that school buses play an important role in transporting children throughout Placer County, California. Unfortunately, as is the case with any other motor vehicle on the road, there is the possibility that a school bus could be involved in a collision with another automobile. This was the case earlier this month in a Sacramento area community.

According to California Highway Patrol, the incident happened shortly before 7 a.m. when a car struck the bus head-on. Following the incident the driver of the car that hit the bus was arrested under suspicion of driving drunk.

Sacramento hopes speed reduction will improve pedestrian safety

Many people in Sacramento, California, spend time walking. While in some cases it is for exercise, in other situations it is simply a mode of transportation. Whatever the reason someone sets out on foot, the dangers for the pedestrians are the same. As a result of the lack of protection most pedestrians have, individuals who are struck by a car while walking could be seriously hurt with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or broken bones. In the very worst cases a pedestrian could suffer such serious injuries that they die.

We help California families hold drunk drivers responsible

In the state of California, it is illegal to drive a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Even so, there are many people who continue to drive impaired on the state's roads and highways, putting the public at risk. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before these people cause an accident.

One cannot grasp the true destruction these accidents cause until losing a family member because of a drunk driver. Of course, there is nothing that can bring the loved one back or take away the pain caused. However, our firm helps families financially recover from drunk driving accidents by holding those responsible for the accident accountable for their actions. 

Truck accident in South El Monte leaves 13 injured, 1 dead

Investigators are still looking into the deadly chain-reaction crash that occurred along the 60 Freeway just recently. Some of our Placer County readers may have heard about the crash that injured at least 13 people and killed a 5-year-old girl. And depending on what investigators find out about the crash, it's possible that the accident victims may be entitled to compensation.

What investigators from the California Highway Patrol do know at this time is that the crash happened a little before 6 a.m. when a tanker truck carrying milk rear ended several vehicles that had slowed for traffic in the eastbound lanes. After colliding with the vehicles, the tanker truck then veered into the center median where it overturned and came to a rest on top of the of the center divider.

Important dog bite facts Californians should know

Dogs. Often considered to be man's best friend, these muscular, four-legged animals can quickly turn into man's worst nightmare given the right -- or wrong -- circumstances. While a number of breeds are considered more aggressive or dangerous than others -- pit bulls and rottweilers taking the top two slots -- any breed of dog can bite a human. Knowing your risks though may help you avoid a potentially fatal encounter though down the road.

According to recent statistics, more than 4 million Americans receive a dog bite every year with an estimated one out of five needing medical treatment for an injury. In 2013 alone, 32 people were killed because of dog-bite related injuries. Children age 7 and under are most susceptible, accounting for roughly 56 percent of dog-bite fatalities in that year.

Tech savvy to tech safety: new software could prevent accidents

It may sound like science fiction, but several tech-savvy individuals insist that they can not only predict when and where an accident may take place, but get that information to emergency services before the crash even happens. They say with the help of their analytics software, this could become a reality across the nation.

Called C.R.A.S.H., short for Crash Reduction Analyzing Statistical History, the program compiles large amounts of data including everything from weather to past crashes and uses it to predict when and where a crash may occur. Although some of the program's predictions are less than accurate, sometimes they are spot on and have even helped to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents in states that are using the software.

Traffic safety advocates challenge FedEx business model

FedEx is a business. There is no question about that. It's logo is well-known; its services are largely appreciated here in Roseville, other areas in California and beyond. A business, especially one that employs drivers and puts large trucks on the road, must put safety before success.

There are some who have faced tragedy who blame the large delivery company for delivering a severe blow to them and their loved ones. They claim that the business model that FedEx uses regarding hiring drivers is putting other motorists at risk.


Guidelines on lane splitting spark controversy

California has more motorcycle on the road than any other state. Part of the reason for this could be that state highways are prone to traffic jams, which can be easier to handle on a motorcycle.

Lane splitting is something that has been done by motorcyclists in California for many years. Essentially, lane splitting is a time-saving maneuver during which motorcyclists ride between two lanes of traffic, most often when traffic is backed up or stopped.

We hold manufacturers responsible in product liability cases

Last week, we wrote about the massive recall of certain Graco car seat models earlier this month. As we explained, the recall is primarily due to an allegedly defective buckle that could make it difficult to remove the child from the seat in an emergency situation.

While Graco fiercely fought allegations that the buckle was defective, it finally gave-in and recalled certain car seat models after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared that failing to do so would pose an “unreasonable risk.”

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