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Pursuing a civil claim after a drunk driving accident

In a post earlier this week, we told you that Halloween is one of the deadliest nights of the year for drunk driving accidents, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. In fact, while about 30 percent of fatal car accidents involve alcohol on any given day, that proportion shoots up to 50 percent on Halloween.

Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, drunk driving is especially of concern. In response, many law enforcement agencies throughout California are planning DUI enforcement initiatives over the weekend. Unfortunately, though, police probably won’t be able to stop all drunk drivers before something tragic occurs.

Tips to avoid pedestrian accidents this Halloween

Welcome back. As we began discussing earlier this week, most people associate Halloween with being scary, but for all the wrong reasons. While haunted houses, horror movies and ghost stories might leave you frightened, a pedestrian accident could turn into a real-life nightmare.

After a serious pedestrian accident has already occurred, it is too late to turn back the hands of time and prevent it from happening. That’s why it’s important for parents, drivers and pedestrians to consider the following safety tips from the National Safety Council before Friday’s festivities.   

Pedestrian accidents, drunk drivers make Halloween truly scary

Ask anyone what the scariest part of Halloween is and you will probably get answers like zombies, ghosts or goblins. However, the truly scary things about Halloween include drunk driving and pedestrian accidents, USA TODAY reports.

These days, adults are just as crazy about Halloween as kids are, and they like to celebrate the event with alcohol. The National Highway Safety Administration warns that Halloween has become a troublesome night for drunk driving as the number of fatal accidents associated with drunk driving rises from the usual 30 percent to almost 50 percent on American roads. 

When a child should get a CT scan after a head injury

Any time a child is involved in a serious car accident, his or her parents often worry sick over the internal injuries the child may have endured. This is especially true if the child suffered a head injury in the accident.

Thanks to technology, it’s possible to check the brain for damage using computed tomography, or CT. A CT scan can reveal if damage was done to the brain and surgery is necessary, or allow parents to rest assured knowing that their child’s brain was unharmed.

What to do after an accident with a commercial vehicle

Delivery trucks owned by the likes of UPS and FedEx have become a very common sight on roads in the Sacramento area. While this is a good sign for the economy, it also adds an element of danger for the public. That’s because commercial drivers can easily put other drivers at risk if they are not careful.

After being involved in an accident with a delivery truck, it’s important to take the proper steps so that you can be fairly compensated for your injuries. Although delivery trucks are not as heavy or powerful as semi-trucks they can still do plenty of damage in a collision with a passenger vehicle. 

Retired Hollywood stuntmen killed in car wreck

A pair of retired Hollywood stuntmen who were known for defying death for decades in daring movie stunts were killed in an automobile accident earlier this month in California.

The 86-year-old retired stuntman Bob Orrison, who was best known for being Dean Martin’s body double in 1968’s “5 Card Stud” and driving the General Lee in the TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard,” was said to have been driving the vehicle that the two men were traveling in when they were hit broadside by an SUV. 

Lawsuit filed after Sacramento pedestrian-bicycle collision

We often write about how seriously bicyclists can be injured when they are hit by vehicles. That’s because a person on a bike is no match for an automobile. Along those same lines, pedestrians who are hit by bicyclists can also be left seriously injured because of the speed at which bicycles travel.

An accident that occurred in Sacramento last spring is an example of this. A woman was on a sidewalk near Capitol and 15th and was struck from behind by a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk. Now the woman is filing a lawsuit against the city, charging that its rules are putting pedestrians at risk. 

A decade later, defective airbags finally getting attention

This week, we have been discussing automobile defects that can be deadly if automakers don’t act fast enough to issue recalls. We specifically discussed Congress’ response to General Motors’ deadly ignition switch defect, which led to the recall of millions of vehicles but only after at least 12 people lost their lives.

But GM isn’t the only auto manufacturer that has put the public in harm’s way, whether knowingly or not. In fact, vehicle recalls have been extremely common this year and more are expected. In fact, millions vehicles have been recalled recently due to defective airbags.

Congress’ response to GM’s deadly ignition switch defect (2 of 2)

Welcome back. In our last post we began discussing the Vehicle Safety Improvement Act, a bill that has been introduced by members of the House of Representatives in response to General Motors’ deadly ignition switch defect, which is believed to have caused at least 12 deaths.

As much as we would like to believe that automakers truly have the public’s best interests in mind, events like the ignition switch recall suggest otherwise. Sadly, in many situations it is more economical for auto companies to keep quiet on defective auto parts and pay off victims in product liability lawsuits than issuing a recall of millions of vehicles.

Congress would like to change that.

Congress’ response to GM’s deadly ignition switch defect (1 of 2)

In the months following General Motors’ recall of millions of automobiles because of a faulty ignition switch that was threatening the lives of drivers, officials have been taking steps to try to prevent something similar from happening again.

As we have discussed in past posts on our blog, certain models of Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn IONs were equipped with the faulty ignition switches, which could result in the car to suddenly stall and cause airbags not to deploy. It is believed that at least 12 people were killed as a result of the defect.

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