Is Citrus Heights a Safe Place to Live?

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Crime Rate and Safety in Citrus Heights, CA

Citrus Heights, CA, is a quiet residential area about 15 miles from Sacramento. The location of Citrus Heights makes it a perfect place for anyone who wants to work in downtown Sacramento while living in a smaller, quieter town. Incorporated in 1997, Citrus Heights is home to about 90,000 residents. Current Citrus Heights residents consistently report that while the area has its share of problems, it is overall a very close and welcoming community. Citrus Heights offers the convenience of proximity to the state’s capital and great retail options along with a charming small-town atmosphere and relatively low crime rate.

If you are looking for a new place to live in the Sacramento area, Citrus Heights should be one of your top choices. The local community is friendly, diverse, clean, and offers plenty to do whether you are a young single professional or starting a family. It’s also ideal for retirees and empty nesters who want a blend of big city convenience and small-town charm.

Citrus Heights Crime Rate

Overall, Citrus Heights ranked relatively well among California suburbs in terms of crime rate, with an average crime rate only slightly higher than the national average. According to available data, the eastern side of Citrus Heights tends to report higher crime rates than the western side of the town. Property crime is more common than violent crime in Citrus Heights, CA. There is no way to accurately predict what type of crime a person could experience in any area of California. Property crimes, including burglaries, robberies, and vehicle thefts, are commonly reported throughout the state. Violent crimes such as assaults and armed robberies are also possible.

One unexpected outcome of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was a surprising drop in the crime rate throughout many areas of California. The public health policies enacted due to the crisis included curfews and business closures, reducing many of the opportunities that criminal offenders had to engage in criminal activities. However, as the pandemic wanes and life in many areas of California returns to a pre-pandemic state, many California communities are noticing an increase in crime rates that align with pre-pandemic rates throughout the state.

What to Do If You Experience Crime in Citrus Heights

No matter where you go in California, there is always a chance of experiencing some type of crime. The Citrus Heights police have a relatively good response time and conviction record for catching and prosecuting criminal offenders, but you should also know your options for recovery if you have been victimized by a crime. The criminal justice system exists to punish wrongdoing, not to compensate victims. Therefore, if you or a loved one experiences any type of crime in the Citrus Heights area, or if you suffer any type of personal injury due to the actions of another party, you need to know your legal options for obtaining a recovery for your losses.

Providing Legal Counsel to Citrus Heights Residents

The attorneys at the Kreeger Law Firm have extensive experience handling a wide range of civil claims on behalf of clients in Citrus Heights and surrounding areas of the greater Sacramento region of California. We understand the uncertainty and frustration that can follow a personal injury and the trauma that crime can cause victims and their families. If you recently suffered an injury, contracted an illness, or sustained an economic loss due to another party’s negligence or criminal activity, we can help you hold them accountable.

A personal injury claim is typically the best option for holding another party accountable after injuring you due to negligence. Car accidents, premises liability, defective product injuries, and dog attacks are just a few examples of the types of personal injury claims our firm can handle. In addition, if you or a loved one suffered any crime in Citrus Heights, our team could help you file a civil claim to recover your losses. The criminal case filed by the state will ensure the offender is penalized according to California state law, and the team at the Kreeger Law Firm has experience working alongside criminal prosecutors to ensure our clients are appropriately compensated for the damages they sustain.

What to Do If You Suffer a Personal Injury or Crime in Citrus Heights

If another person injures you or victimizes you in any way in Citrus Heights, the first steps you take following the incident have a significant impact on your ability to recover. First and foremost, contact the police if you experience a car accident or any other personal injury that requires medical attention. Your health and well-being should be your primary concern after an accident. If you experience a crime in Citrus Heights, call the police as soon as you can do so to report the incident. The sooner you call for help, the better chance the police will have of identifying and arresting the person responsible for the crime you experienced.

Once you have addressed your medical concerns and obtained a medical report from your physician, you should speak with a Citrus Heights personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If your injury resulted from negligence, you could file a personal injury claim against the party who caused your injury to recover your losses. It’s also possible to obtain some financial relief through an insurance claim, depending on how your accident occurred. If your injury or loss occurred from a criminal action in Citrus Heights, your attorney could work with the responding police officers and local prosecutors to help you pursue a claim against the party responsible for the criminal act in question.

The Kreeger Law Firm has years of experience assisting our clients through some of the most complex and challenging civil claims in the Sacramento area. We understand that many criminal actions are life-changing for victims, and a personal injury can easily cause mounting economic strain that affects an entire family. If you or a loved one suffered damages from a crime or an act of negligence in the Citrus Heights area, we could help you determine your best available options for recovery. Contact us today for more information about the legal services we provide or to schedule a consultation with our team about your case.