What is Folsom, California Known For?

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California has many great cities and towns—some of which have made it famous. With its wonderful weather, amazing food, and breathtaking views, the state of California as a whole is a highly sought-after destination for many people. Though it is not California’s most famous city, Folsom has certainly made a name for itself for many reasons. Residents of the area know-how idyllic Folsom can truly be, and many appreciate the history that put Folsom on the map.

Like most places, there are several things that Folsom, California, is known for. Whether you are looking to move to Folsom or are paying a visit, make sure to see these unique Folsom attractions:

  1. Folsom Is Full of Bridges
    Folsom and the neighboring areas have some of California’s most picturesque bridges. Old and new, there are plenty of these edifices to marvel at whether you are walking, biking, or driving in the area.
  2. The Folsom Prison Blues Originated Here
    Johnny Cash’s famous song, “Folsom Prison Blues,” was inspired by the very real prison outside Folsom. This prison was the first maximum-security prison in the United States. Rumored to be haunted, the Folsom prison has inspired its fair share of art and legend in the area. Though the prison is still in use and cannot be toured, there is a museum nearby for curious tourists.
  3. The Folsom Zoo
    California boasts a wealth of zoos, preservations, and aquariums, and Folsom is no different. The Folsom Zoo is a popular attraction for visitors and residents alike, with many exotic animals and plants to see. The zoo has a unique art program as well—for a fee, visitors can have an animal paint them a picture with their favorite colors.
  4. Harris Center/Three Stages Theater
    The theater program at the area’s state college puts on noteworthy performances as a part of its curriculum. However, stage acting isn’t the only performance type featured at the Harris Center. Music, dance, opera, and all other kinds of art grace the stage all year long.
  5. The Folsom Dam
    Folsom has a large dam that dates back to the 1950s. Though the area’s lake used to routinely flood the town, the dam helped to make the area inhabitable and safe for its residents. The dam itself is impressive and worth a visit if you’re in the area.
  6. Folsom Renaissance Faire
    The Folsom Renaissance Faire is a fantastic weekend that attracts families from miles around. The event includes notable Shakespeare productions, as well as delicious food and beverages from medieval times. Catch the faire every year at the end of September.

Living In Folsom

Though Folsom is known for many of its events and attractions, it’s also known as a great place to live. In fact, it has the reputation of being one of the best places to live in California—which is impressive, considering the state’s size and diverse destinations. There are many things that make Folsom a great place to live. Families considering a move to the area won’t be disappointed by these amenities and perks that make the community famously family-friendly:

  • The Education System Is Great
    Students in Folsom receive one of the best educations in the state. Many of the area’s classes and teachers outpace the state average. As a whole, the school system is ranked highly. There are numerous options available for area schools, each of which is more than capable of properly educating the children in your family. Students in Folsom are effectively set up for success.
  • Folsom Is Safe
    While, of course, there is some crime wherever you go, Folsom has distinctly lower crime rates than other popular cities in the state. There is a large police presence in the area, and most residents report feeling safe in their hometown. Compared to the national average, Folsom’s crime is negligible.
  • Folsom Features Significant Job Growth
    As an up-and-coming area, Folsom demonstrates impressive job and business growth. With many different industries making their homes in the area, there are plenty of employment options available for new residents looking for work. In addition, with Sacramento located nearby, most Folsom residents are happily employed within a reasonable commute.
  • Mercy Hospital Is High Performing
    Though we hate to think about it, accidents and injuries are always a possibility. Fortunately, the area’s hospital is highly rated when it comes to standard of care and treating conditions. The care and expertise at the hospital make many area families feel more secure, knowing that they have a safe, reliable hospital nearby if something goes wrong.
  • Folsom Combats Poverty
    Poverty occurs regardless of the area in question. However, Folsom has an incredibly low rate of poverty. In fact, about 95% of Folsom residents earn well above the poverty line. This can be attributed to many different factors but is ultimately a good indication of employment and housing costs in the area.
  • Folsom Is Diverse
    There are people from all races and backgrounds in Folsom. As an example, about 40% of Folsom residents self-identify as either African American or Hispanic. Folsom is a great place to live, no matter what your culture may be.
  • The Weather Is Beautiful
    Though this can be said about many places in California, Folsom has beautiful weather year-round. It rarely (if ever) snows, and residents can enjoy the warmth and sunny weather the vast majority of the year. The area also boasts incredible outdoor spaces, making it easy to enjoy the beautiful climate.
  • Folsom Has Excellent Legal Resources
    Folsom has access to some of the best legal resources in the state. Whether you are seeking a divorce, navigating a personal injury case, or building your estate, Folsom attorneys rank highly and are ready to help.

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