Is Rocklin a Safe Place to Live?

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Rocklin can be considered one of the most up-and-coming cities in California. It boasts some beautiful scenery with its granite-rich history, as well as close proximity to the capital city of Sacramento. Rocklin also includes many amenities that make it a comfortable place to settle down into suburban life or visit on your next trip to the Golden State.

However, scenery and amenities are far from the only considerations necessary when you are searching for a new city to call home. As a result, it is understandable that anyone looking to move or visit a new location would first want to know more about the criminal history in this beautiful city. For individuals moving to an unfamiliar place, crime is one of the most important factors to consider, especially for those with families. We at Kreeger Law Firm invite you to consider this brief guide to crime in Rocklin.

Crime Rate in California

Due to its ideal weather, extensive oceanfront, variety of beautiful scenery, and many bustling cities, California is an immensely popular state that attracts tourists, immigrants, and residents of the western US alike. Those considering a move to California might be glad to know that the crime rate in the state is relatively low, at 4.41 crimes per 1000 residents. This is slightly above the national average but is impressive when you consider the multiple major cities in the state.

If you avoid major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco, California’s crime rate plummets. These major metros are the scene of more than their fair share of California crime. Briefly, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, urban crime plummeted as cities implemented curfews and other strict policies. Unfortunately, the drop in crime has slowly started to level off as the world starts going back to normal, with a return to former violent crime levels after the pandemic in many cities.

However, not all of California seems to be affected by this trend. In fact, many smaller cities have yet to see a return to pre-pandemic crime rates. Those smaller cities are doing their best to limit crime by banding together in their communities. As a result, those who are considering a move or otherwise wish to visit California may be inclined to stay away from highly populated metropolitans. Thankfully, California is still a diverse state with cities of all sizes. This gives those who still wish to move to the Golden State ample selection—and Rocklin proves a great choice.

Rocklin’s Crime Rate

Rocklin, California is a peaceful old mining town in the suburbs of the capital city of Sacramento, California. With a 2020 population of just over 64,000, Rocklin certainly is not among the major metropolitan areas in the state. However, it is not completely free from crime.

Fortunately, Rocklin’s violent crime rate is significantly lower than the rest of the state. In fact, violent crime in Rocklin hovers under one violent crime per 1000 residents, nearly four times lower than the state as a whole. Put another way, you have less than a 0.1% chance of experiencing violent criminal activity in Rocklin.

Non-violent crime in Rocklin is mostly property related and includes vehicle citations and other non-life-threatening crimes. Property crime and thefts are by far the most common criminal activities outside of vehicle misdemeanors. These non-violent crimes are significantly lower than either the California or national averages. For example, Rocklin’s burglary rate sits at 2.46 burglaries per 1,000 residents, while the national average is over 25% higher at 3.41 burglaries per 1,000 residents. Overall, Rocklin experiences an average of 56 crimes of any kind per square mile, while the California average is 83.

Rocklin Versus a High-Crime Area

For perspective on how Rocklin differs from truly high-crime cities in California, consider the small municipality of Emeryville. This city, a part of the Oakland metro area, has the dubious distinction of experiencing the highest crime rate per citizen in California. Of particular note is that the crime rate in Emeryville is almost 300% of the national average for violent crimes.

Of the different types of violent crimes, rapes, assaults, and armed robberies are the most common violent crimes in this small section of metropolitan California. Worse, people in Emeryville have a 1 in 70 chance of becoming the target of violent crimes, including murder. Non-violent crimes are similarly high, with property crimes coming in at a rate of 1 in 6. As you can see, Rocklin proves a relatively safe, small-town sanctuary from major California cities.

Is Rocklin Safe?

As noted, compared to the national average and California’s state crime rates, Rocklin is considerably safer in most categories. In part, this may be because the city includes a large number of older residents who are retired, as well as those who are looking to live a calm suburban life without the hassles of big city living. However, the relative safety of Rocklin is owed in large part to its history as a city run by hard working people that wanted to live a peaceful life in the valleys of California.

Tranquil granite walls and parks line the city’s architecture to compliment the quiet life the people of Rocklin lead. Petty crime is the most common instance of lawlessness experienced in Rocklin—if you encounter it at all. Further, compared to other small cities like Emeryville, Rocklin is considerably safer for families and single individuals alike. While it is a small-town relative to many of California’s massive cities, the people of Rocklin are welcoming to their new neighbors no matter their origins.

Contributing to Rocklin’s overall lower crime rate are the diverse, unique communities infused into the town. Neighborhood watches, attentive HOAs, and the age-old tradition of knowing your neighbor are all common practices in Rocklin. These practices help Rocklin-area residents keep safe, as external crime rings struggle to infiltrate close-knit neighborhoods. Should you choose to settle in Rocklin, you can join your neighborhood watch and get to know the people living around you to keep Rocklin as crime-free as possible.

What Makes Rocklin a Suburban Paradise

In addition to the low crime rates, Rocklin is a popular destination within Placer County and the Sacramento Valley. Situated 20 minutes away from the major city of Sacramento and only two hours from San Francisco, Rocklin is a prime area for those wanting to settle down. Rocklin’s primary residence are families and retired folk looking to get away. The people here focus on living their life as peacefully and comfortably as possible.

Even the city’s officials have been inspired by the tranquil suburban atmosphere of Rocklin. As the exponential economic growth of Rocklin starts to level off, they have started to rethink their development strategies. By moderating their residential development projects for the time being, they have redoubled their efforts in preserving the granite paradise of Rocklin.

History Incorporated into Modern Living

The history of Rocklin as a granite mining community is deeply ingrained within the small town. However, the expansion of Rocklin over the past 30 years is in part due to the revitalization efforts necessary after the closure of the granite mines. In fact, it has been over 25 years since there was any granite mined and exported from Rocklin, which led local officials to actively seek companies that were willing to relocate to Rocklin to support the local economy.

Now, Rocklin has a bustling downtown area with almost no indication of its once humble roots, outside of the granite that lines many of the roads and buildings in the city. With one of the highest rates of degree holders in the state, the city has been able to balance its small-town vibe with the modern amenities and skilled workforce necessary to bring in major companies. As a result, this welcoming community has preserved small-town California and is filled with hardworking people who will gladly accept anyone looking to live a simple, suburban-style life.

The Future of Rocklin

While Rocklin’s growth has leveled off compared to its rapid expansion some years ago, local officials are undertaking the continuous process of developing the area for new residents and businesses alike. Unemployment continues to fall while the low cost of living and relative safety of Rocklin continues to draw new residents, despite many Californians deciding to leave the state for cheaper locations. The future of Rocklin California is looking brighter and brighter as its citizens enjoy the added amenities and resources that are a product of local efforts to continue growth.

If you are looking to move to Rocklin California, now is the time. With a predicted job growth rate of nearly 40% over the next several years, the small-town of Rocklin is looking at another spike in growth. There is no time to wait as people are continuing to buy pieces of this granite city.

Should you choose to move to Rocklin or another Sacramento-area suburb, you will have the attorneys at Kreeger Law Firm on your side. Despite the area’s low crime rates, it is still possible to experience personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, and other incidents due to the negligence of someone else. For more information about the area or what our Rocklin personal injury attorneys can do for you after your move to Rocklin, contact Kreeger Law Firm today.