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Wrongful Death Attorney

When a family loses a loved one after a sudden and tragic event, it can be devastating. When someone dies unexpectedly due to the negligence or reckless actions of another, family members may also be grappling with feelings of frustration and may not quite know what to do next. No one expects that he or she will need to consult with a lawyer but seeking out the counsel of an experienced Sacramento wrongful death attorney is an important step after such an ordeal.

After more than two decades, the lawyers at Kreeger Law Firm have seen countless wrongful death cases and know exactly how you are feeling. Dealing with a legal suit against the party responsible for your loss can be difficult for many people, which is why our firm makes it as painless as possible to move forward with your case. The reality is that after you have suffered an avoidable loss, you and your family are entitled to seek compensation and we can help.

Call our office at 916-782-8400 to schedule a free consultation and get your wrongful death questions answered.We represent bereaved families throughout Northern California.

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How Can Kreeger Law Firm Help Me?

The attorneys at Kreeger Law Firm have more than 25 years of experience handling civil claims for California clients, including wrongful death claims. We understand how devastating the untimely death of a loved one can be and we approach every case we take with compassion, integrity, and a relentless drive to help you and your family secure as much compensation as possible to make moving on a little easier.

Our firm has the strength and resources of a large, big-city firm with the atmosphere of a small family-owned business. Our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys take the time to get to know every client personally, so we can fully understand the breadth and depth of a wrongful death’s effects. If you recently experienced a wrongful death in your family, our lawyers can help you determine your best options for legal recourse.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Wrongful Death Claim?

The untimely death of a loved one is not only an emotional blow but also an economic one. A wrongful death may require you and your family to make funeral arrangements you didn’t expect and lead to a host of other expenses. When another person or party causes a wrongful death, it’s essential to secure legal representation as soon as possible to maximize the surviving family’s recovery.

A skilled Sacramento personal injury attorney can handle a grieving family’s legal concerns, insurance problems, and a host of other matters so the survivors can mourn peacefully. Hiring a lawyer may seem expensive but a good wrongful death attorney can maximize the compensation a plaintiff receives from a wrongful death claim and offer a better degree of representation than a grieving survivor could manage alone.

What Is Wrongful Death?

In legal terms, a “wrongful death” refers to any fatality caused by negligence or unnatural causes. This term may also apply to criminal homicide cases. If one person intentionally kills another person, the killer would likely face criminal charges from the state as well as a civil action for wrongful death from the victim’s family.

In many ways, a wrongful death case functions very similarly to a personal injury lawsuit. The major difference is that a close relative or personal representative of the victim’s estate files the lawsuit on behalf of the deceased individual. To succeed in a wrongful death claim, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant caused the death in question, either through negligence or through an intentional tort such as an assault or homicide. The plaintiff must also have evidence of the extent of the losses resulting from the defendant’s actions, including funeral and burial costs, lost income, lost valuation of investments, and the family’s pain and suffering.

How Much Can You Sue for Wrongful Death?

Different types of damages repay different aspects of a wrongful death case. For example, some damages repay the estate for lost valuation on assets, investments, and retirement funds, as well as lost income the deceased would have earned in the future, had he or she survived. Damages in a wrongful death claim may also include the medical expenses and pain and suffering related to the deceased’s final injury or illness. A qualified Sacramento wrongful death lawyer can help a wrongful death claimant understand the damages available in a claim and what to expect from pursuing a wrongful death claim in California.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

Every state has unique laws concerning wrongful death lawsuits, the time limits for filing them, and who may file them. In California, a deceased person’s surviving spouse, partner, or children have the first right to file a wrongful death claim unless the deceased individual’s estate or living will explicitly states otherwise and indicates an executor or representative. If the deceased has no surviving kin, then a personal representative of the deceased’s estate may pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased.

Anyone who believes they have a claim on the estate of a deceased individual or grounds for a wrongful death claim must provide proof that the death resulted in economic harm or damage of some kind. For example, a deceased person’s former spouse may have depended on the deceased for child support payments or alimony. They may also prove they were financially dependent on the deceased person to have grounds for a wrongful death claim.

What to Expect from a California Wrongful Death Case

Under the law, survivors are entitled to receive money from the person, persons, or companies responsible for a loved one’s wrongful death. This is money to pay medical bills and burial expenses, money that replaces what the deceased would have earned through the years, and money to compensate spouses and other family members for the loss of companionship.

Wrongful death cases can be complex, as there are many areas of calculation involved and often, our firm works with vocational, medical and life experts to ensure the optimal result for our clients. After decades of experience handling these cases, our Sacramento wrongful death attorneys know what to reasonably expect for our clients, and such, know when a case may require resolution in a courtroom. Our wrongful death attorneys in Sacramento have the experience and the resources to get our clients the results they deserve.

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Free Consultation with a Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

When facing uncertain circumstances after losing a loved one, it is important to secure legal representation that you can trust to handle your affairs. This trust goes beyond our ability to strongly represent you in settlement or court proceedings – it means representing the memory of your loved one and the needs of your family in a sincere and considerate way. Contact Kreeger Law Firm to schedule an appointment at our Roseville or Sacramento locations.

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