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Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney

Damages are a monetary award to the injured party. Since the Court has no ability to mend broken bones or soothe emotional scars, the Courts try to quantify those damages with a monetary award. The amount of damages awarded is specific to the injury of the victim and the conduct of the party at fault. That means that damages always vary according to the specific details of a given case. Below are some damages that may be available to victims as a result of a car accident:

  • Present and future medical expenses related to the car accident. Even if you have not yet incurred medical expenses, if you have potential future medical bills, you can recover those damages as well.
  • Wage Loss. You can recover both past and future wages if your accident caused you to miss work or caused you to reduce hours.
  • Pain and suffering. This category of damages refers to numerous non-financial damages. It can include both physical and emotional pain.
  • Punitive damages. Punitive damages are rare, but justifiable in some cases when the liable party’s actions that led to the accident were especially horrendous.

Obtaining a California car accident attorney after your motor vehicle can help you get the money you deserve by calculating damages. For a complimentary consultation with experienced personal injury lawyer Christopher Kreeger, contact us today at (916) 782-8400.

What Damages Can I Recover with
the help of a car accident lawyer?

Contacting an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can help you ensure that you don’t waive your right to purse a claim. In California, a person injured by a car accident has two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim. The two-year time frame is referred to as the statute of limitations. However, the statute of limitations is shorter if you were injured by the reckless or negligent conduct of a government entity. In those cases where there is damage by a government entity, then you only have six months from the date of the motor vehicle accident.  Once the statute of limitations passes, then the injured person is no longer entitled to collect compensation for injuries. That means that the injured person now has to pay their own damages even though they were caused by another.

How Much Time Do I Have to Seek Damages in california?

As one of the nation’s most populated states, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of motor vehicles on California’s roads. It is every driver’s responsibility to reasonably prevent accidents by driving safely and according to California’s traffic laws. Unfortunately, car accidents continue to occur because some drivers drink, text, speed, and break other roadway rules. Statistics show that car accidents rates in California have increased in the past few years.

Car accidents range in damage. Some car accidents lead to small property damage. Meanwhile other car accidents involve injury to a driver or passenger that can leave a person seriously injured, disfigured, and permanently disabled.

Often, damage suffered may be hard to measure. Insurance companies quickly try to pay out victims of motor vehicle accidents because they try to minimize harm and dismiss pain and suffering claims, which can be a major component of your general damages. Having an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can help you manage those damages that are not easily quantifiable. These may include a person’s inability to work, complicated insurance issues and loss of quality of life.

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