Questions Insurance Companies Ask After a Car Accident in California (2024)

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Every driver in the state is required to have auto insurance that meets basic coverage requirements. Under the state’s fault rule for resolving vehicle accidents, the driver at fault for an accident is liable for all resulting damages, and filing an auto insurance claim is an injured driver’s first option for obtaining compensation. A car accident attorney in Sacramento, CA can help an injured driver navigate the insurance claim filing process with greater confidence.
Questions Insurance Companies Ask After a Car Accident in California

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Once an accident occurs, your first steps following the incident can significantly impact your recovery efforts. First, if you feel well enough, you should do everything you can to secure as much evidence as possible from the scene of the crash. If you are severely hurt, wait for first responders to arrive and provide medical attention. If you can do so safely, take photos of the scene of the crash, including the damage to your vehicle and your injuries.

You should seek medical care promptly after an accident, even if you think you only suffered minor injuries. This helps rule out injuries that don’t produce immediately noticeable symptoms and gives you a record showing that you responsibly sought medical care right after the accident. Once you receive the care you need, you are ready to file your auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

State law requires a driver to have at least $15,000 to cover bodily injury to one person, at least $30,000 to cover bodily injuries to multiple persons, and at least $5,000 to cover property damage with their auto insurance policy. You will need to submit claim forms and proof of loss forms to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier within a short time following your accident, typically only a few days.

Resolving Your Insurance Claim in Sacramento

Having an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento on your side can make your interactions with insurance company representatives much easier. Your attorney can guide you through the claim filing process and ensure that the insurance carrier handles the claim in good faith. If they notice any unlawful handling of your claim or failure to meet state requirements for insurance claim review, they can advise you on how to address these issues.

Your attorney can guide you through your interactions with the insurance company until they deliver their findings. If they deny your claim, your attorney can help appeal the decision or explore alternative recovery options. If the claim is approved, your attorney can review the details to ensure it is fair and reasonable under the terms of the defendant’s insurance policy.

Ultimately, insurance alone may not fully cover your losses, but a properly filed insurance claim can yield valuable initial compensation for your damages after an accident. Working with a seasoned car accident attorney in Sacramento is the optimal way to make dealing with insurance companies easier and more likely to yield the results you hope to see. They can be especially helpful if you must file a personal injury claim to ensure full recovery.


Q: What Should You Not Say When Talking to an Insurance Company?

A: It’s very important to be mindful of your choice of words whenever you speak to an insurance claim adjuster. The most crucial element of your conversation is fault, and it is vital that you do not say anything that the adjuster could interpret as an admission of guilt. Never speak with an insurance company before consulting a car accident attorney in Sacramento, CA. Your attorney can prepare you for your interactions with the insurance carrier.

Q: How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Investigate a Claim?

A: Every insurance company has a duty to investigate a claim and report its findings to the claimant within 40 days of the filing of the claim. You have the right to expect timely handling of your claim in good faith, and if the insurance company does not meet this time limit, they may be compelled to file for an extension or pay out your requested settlement. If an extension is filed, they must communicate with you or your attorney at least every 30 days until resolution.

Q: What Happens if I’m Partially at Fault for a Car Accident?

A: California enforces a pure comparative fault rule that applies whenever multiple parties share fault for damages cited in a civil case. If comparative fault comes into play in your impending car accident case and you are found partially liable, you will have a fault percentage assigned. This will reduce your case award by an equal percentage, and shared fault may also negatively impact an insurance claim payout.

Q: What Happens if an At-Fault Driver Does Not Have Auto Insurance?

A: Every driver must have auto insurance, and drivers have the option of purchasing uninsured motorist coverage. If you purchase this coverage and an uninsured motorist causes an accident with you, you can file a claim against your own insurance policy without incurring a penalty. Otherwise, you would need to file a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver to recover your damages.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento?

A: Whether you expect to resolve your recent car accident with just an auto insurance claim or anticipate a more extensive series of legal proceedings, the right legal representative can make a tremendous positive difference in the outcome of your impending recovery efforts. You are more likely to succeed with all the recovery efforts you attempt when you have an experienced car accident attorney representing your case. Kreeger Law Firm excels at resolving difficult car accident cases in Sacramento, and we have earned a solid reputation as a leading choice for legal counsel in the area. If you have questions and concerns about your recovery options following a car accident that someone else caused, we can help. Contact Kreeger Law Firm today and schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento to start working toward your recovery.