Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California (2024)

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Motorcycles may be fun to ride, but they are inherently dangerous for many reasons. It is vital for every rider to know the biggest risks they face on the road and the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. If you experience an accident due to another party’s actions, a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento can help hold them accountable for your damages.
Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

The majority of motorcycle accidents reported in the state each year result from negligence, which is failure to exercise reasonable care and caution behind the wheel. A few of the most frequently cited examples of negligence responsible for motorcycle accidents in the Sacramento area include:

  • Distracted driving. This is one of the leading causes of all vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to distracted drivers because of their relatively small size, meaning inattentive drivers are likely to overlook them until it is too late to avoid a collision.
  • Moving violations. Traffic signs and signals exist to allow drivers to anticipate the actions of other motorists and maintain a safe flow of traffic. Moving violations like illegal turns, improper lane changes, failure to stop for red lights or stop signs, or failure to yield the right-of-way are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists.
  • Speeding. Any level of speeding is inherently dangerous, and speeding is not only a leading contributing factor to the number of motorcycle accidents each year but also the total number of fatal accidents throughout the state.

Motorcycle crashes may also occur from illegal acts, and driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is the most common example of this seen throughout the state. Whenever someone causes a personal injury through illegal misconduct, they face liability for the victim’s damages in a civil suit as well as criminal charges from the state. Penalties for DUI in California increase significantly when the defendant has caused great bodily harm or death.

Recovering From a Motorcycle Accident in Sacramento

Remember that proving fault will be an essential first step in your recovery process following a motorcycle accident that someone else caused. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento can help you meet this challenge by assisting you in gathering the evidence needed to firmly establish liability for your damages. You will need to prove who caused your accident and how they caused it before you can recover your losses.

Once you have established fault, you can proceed with claiming compensation through an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver, followed by a personal injury suit. Having legal counsel that you can trust on your side can make filing the insurance claim much easier, and you will be prepared to address any problems you encounter from the insurance company.

When it comes to your personal injury case, you’re more likely to win and more likely to maximize your case award when you have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento representing your case. You have a limited time in which to pursue your recovery following a motorcycle accident, so it is crucial that you connect with an attorney you can trust as soon as possible after an accident.


Q: What Evidence Do I Need to Prove Fault for a Motorcycle Crash?

A: Your motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento can help gather various forms of evidence to establish liability for your recent crash, including eyewitness statements, physical evidence, digital evidence like the other driver’s cell phone records, and traffic camera recordings. You must be able to prove fault and identify the at-fault driver before you can recover any compensation for your damages.

Q: What Are the Most Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents?

A: The risk of catastrophic and fatal injuries is much greater in a motorcycle accident than in a standard passenger vehicle accident. Commonly reported motorcycle accident injuries include broken bones, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, deep cuts, scrapes, burns, and spinal cord injuries. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento can ensure you receive full compensation for all the medical expenses you face after the accident.

Q: What Happens When Drivers Share Fault for an Accident?

A: The pure comparative negligence rule comes into play in any civil claim for damages in which more than one party shares fault for the damages. If a plaintiff is found partially liable for their damages in a motorcycle accident case, they will lose a percentage of the final case award equal to their percentage of fault. For example, 25% liability means the plaintiff loses 25% of the total compensation won from the defendant.

Q: What Happens if a Motorcycle Accident Is Fatal?

A: The risk of fatal injury is much greater from a motorcycle accident than from a standard passenger vehicle accident. If your loved one recently died in a motorcycle crash someone else caused, it can form the basis of a wrongful death claim. This type of civil suit is similar to a personal injury claim, but California law restricts eligibility to file a wrongful death suit, and there are different damages available.

Q: Will I Win More Compensation if I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Sacramento?

A: Hiring experienced legal counsel is the most effective way to enhance your total compensation from a motorcycle accident. Your attorney can not only make filing your claim easier and streamline your case proceedings but also help uncover every available avenue of compensation to enhance your final case award. You have the greatest chance of success with your claim and the greatest chance of maximizing your recovery with their assistance.

Kreeger Law Firm has extensive experience representing motorcycle accident victims in the Sacramento area, and we are ready to put this experience to work for you. Our firm aims to help every client we represent maximize their recovery, and the sooner you reach out to us, the more time we have to build your case. Contact Kreeger Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento, CA.