How To Choose A Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer? 5 Things to Consider

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Truck accidents are one of the most damaging types of motor vehicle accidents due to the large size of most commercial trucks and tractor-trailers. If you or a loved one recently sustained physical injuries and economic losses due to a truck accident in the Sacramento area, it’s essential to know your rights. In such situations, the importance of promptly hiring reliable legal counsel cannot be understated. If you need a Sacramento truck accident attorney, there are five major factors to consider before signing a contract for representation.

One: Experience

Does the potential attorney you’re meeting have extensive experience in truck accident cases, or does the attorney primarily handle cases in other areas of personal injury law? Find an attorney with a respectable level of experience who practices the exact type of case you face. For example, an attorney may have years of experience with car accident claims but minimal practical experience with truck accident cases, which often involve more complex issues, including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation violations and vicarious liability.
Truck accident cases also tend to be more damaging than accidents involving typical passenger vehicles, and it’s possible for a truck accident lawsuit to involve multiple defendants. These are the reasons why it is crucial to find a Sacramento truck accident attorney with significant experience handling your type of claim.

Two: Availability

Ask a potential Sacramento truck accident attorney about their case management methods. How many cases does the attorney typically handle at once? It’s not uncommon for Sacramento truck accident attorneys to manage multiple cases at a time, but experienced and reliable attorneys limit their caseloads so they can ensure every client receives adequate attention on a consistent basis. Try to find out during your initial consultation with a Sacramento truck accident attorney what the attorney’s typical caseload looks like so you have an idea how much attention you can expect from the attorney should you agree to their representation.

Three: Accessibility

A potential attorney may assure you that they keep a manageable caseload and that you will receive adequate attention in your claim, but how will you get in touch with your attorney? Virtually every personal injury attorney will maintain correspondence with their clients via phone and email, but some attorneys will also encourage their clients to text them for updates and arrange in-person meetings for significant case developments. Ask a potential Sacramento truck accident lawyer how you can expect to get in touch with them during your case, how long they will take on average to respond to you, and what communication methods they use to handle their cases.

Four: Their Opinion of Your Case

It’s wise to take advantage of free consultation offers from prospective attorneys when you need legal representation. These meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more about your case and gain valuable insights into your options for legal recourse, and they are also opportunities for a potential attorney to evaluate the strength of your claim. Ask a potential Sacramento truck attorney plainly about their opinion of your case. Personal injury attorneys generally price their services with contingency fee agreements, which ensure the plaintiff only pays legal fees if the plaintiff’s attorney wins their case. If an attorney offers contingency fee billing in your case and seems eager to represent you, this is often a good sign that you have a strong case.
You should also ask specific questions about your case, especially variables that seem troublesome or uncertain to you. For example, if your truck accident seemed to occur due to a mechanical failure with the truck that hit you, you might wonder who bears liability for your damages. An experienced Sacramento truck accident attorney should be able to quickly identify complicating factors that might arise in your case and provide you with a reasonable idea of what to expect.

Five: Billing

While most personal injury attorneys operating in California offer their clients contingency fee billing, this is not always the case. Some attorneys charge for their services by the hour, and they may use increments as short as five to ten minutes when they bill clients. Before you agree to any attorney’s representation, be sure to read their billing policies very closely. If you do not have the ability to afford legal fees by the hour, it’s a good idea to stick to a Sacramento truck accident attorney that offers contingency fee billing.

If you are looking for an experienced Sacramento truck accident attorney who can provide comprehensive, personalized, and responsive representation in your personal injury claim, the Kreeger Law Firm can help. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation with one of our attorneys and learn more about your legal rights after a truck accident in California.