When to Consider Injuries and Accidents as Catastrophic

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If you were involved in a car accident, you may have suffered injuries requiring medical treatment. However, there are some car accidents that are severe enough that the injuries suffered are considered catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries typically allow greater compensation in personal injury cases due to their severity, continued medical bills and treatment, continued loss of work, and continued pain and suffering.

Catastrophic Accidents 

While almost any accident can result in a catastrophic injury, the most common types of accidents that are considered catastrophic include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, sports accidents, birth injuries, bicycle accidents, and other accidents where physical trauma may occur.

Catastrophic Injuries 

The following are some examples of what would be considered by a court of law to be a catastrophic injury following an accident.

  • Permanent disability
  • Severe functional limitation
  • The significant impact upon at least one major system of the body
  • Any incapacitation
  • Suffering followed by death
  • Suffering followed by a terminal medical condition
  • Serious damage to the brain (traumatic brain injuries), head, neck or spinal cord
  • The complete inability to perform any kind of work
  • Amputations of any body part
  • Loss of sight, hearing or other senses
  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Permanent injuries to the central nervous system
  • Severe neurological conditions or disorders
  • Burn injuries that result in any kind of disfigurement or scarring

While this list is not completely exhaustive, it is apparent that any kind of injury that leads to paralysis, disability, or impairment for a great length of time or requires life-long treatment will be considered to be a catastrophic injury.

Catastrophic Injuries and Settlement Offers

Catastrophic injuries tend to create astronomical financial debt due to medical bills, therapy appointments, surgeries, hospitalization, medicines, and other treatments. Additionally, those persons that suffer from catastrophic injuries are typically unable to return to work, therefore causing additional financial debt and burdens.

Finally, along with medical bills and lost wages, most victims suffering from catastrophic injuries are also experiencing pain and suffering which can lead to emotional and psychological issues. Typically, the greater the severity of the injury and the longer the injury lasts for the victim, the greater the compensation awarded through either a settlement offer or a court of law. The reason is that the negligent party must make the victim “whole” under the law. When catastrophic injuries occur, the compensation required for a lifetime of care, treatment, rehabilitation, and replacement of income can be substantial.

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If you suffered a catastrophic injury from a catastrophic accident, you have the right to receive appropriate compensation from a negligent party responsible for your injuries. The calculation of catastrophic settlement offers may oftentimes be legally complex. You should make sure that you receive all the compensation to which you are entitled following a catastrophic accident. Contact an experience accident attorney at Kreeger Law for a free consultation today.