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Defective Vehicles and Manufacturer Liability Attorney in Sacramento, CA

Our Sacramento, CA personal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate motor vehicle accidents and pursue compensation from all available sources, including tire manufacturers, tire installers, tire sellers, and negligent motorists. Our lawyers will be your strongest advocates and will seek a settlement or verdict that fully compensates you for your damages. Reach out to Kreeger Law Firm today to start discussing how our firm can help you. Call 916-782-8400 to get started.

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Vehicles are known to have some defects more commonly than others. Regardless of the items listed below, individuals who believe that their accident may have involved a defect in their vehicle should consult a qualified attorney. Kreeger Law Firm has handled many cases involving:
  • Seat belt defects: Seat belts have been known to have issues with inertial unlatching, false latching, defective lap or shoulder belt retractors, and torn or ripped belt webbing.
  • Tires: Tire blowouts can be caused by old tires (even unused tires that are old can be unsafe), separated tire tread (this is especially common in SUV and truck rollover cases), or mismatched/misplaced tires.
  • Helmets: Motorcycle and bicycle accidents can result from faulty parts such as brakes and tires, but another area that can often be overlooked is a malfunctioning helmet.
  • Brakes: Brakes on cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles are crucial in any accident, and investigating a possible malfunction is often a top priority in any case.

Common Types of Vehicle Defects

Defective vehicle liability cases are complex and difficult to prove. It takes a skilled Sacramento product liability lawyer with years of experience to successfully handle these types of cases. The attorneys at Kreeger Law Firm conduct in-depth investigations into the accidents that injure our clients, working with product experts to determine who is responsible for the injuries and how the defects occurred. Our experienced lawyers explore every avenue of compensation to ensure our clients get the financial support they need and deserve. Strict product liability, now the law in nearly every state, allows an action against a manufacturer that sells any defective product resulting in injury to a buyer or anyone who uses it. A plaintiff who has been injured by a defective product does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent, but only that the product was defective.

Making a Defective Vehicle Part Case

The product that caused the injury does not have to be under a recall to be considered defective. A recall only happens after a number of consumers have reported issues with the product and even then government agencies cannot automatically “order” a product recall. Most product recalls are done voluntarily by the manufacturers and suppliers. Government agencies only intercede when the manufacturer fails to comply with the voluntary recall.

Call Kreeger Law Firm at 916-782-8400 to learn more about examining your vehicle for a defect even if there has not been a recall. Or you can schedule a free consultation appointment at our Sacramento or Roseville office locations. Our firm has represented clients throughout Northern California for more than 25 years.

Defective Auto Parts and Recalls

While most motor vehicle accidents are caused by a careless or reckless driver, defects in a vehicle’s design or poor manufacturing can also lead to serious injuries and death. California’s product liability laws protect consumers from the costs of injuries caused by defective products. When a driver or passenger suffers an injury from a defective vehicle, he or she has a right to seek financial compensation.