New technology could prevent truck crashes

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If you have ever driven when there were many semi-trucks on the roads, you know that trucks can be dangerous to others. If a driver isn’t paying attention or falls asleep, he or she could quickly cause a truck accident.

One firm in California is tackling this problem. Strong Tie Insurance Services wants to handle trucking safety by seeing if some kinds of technology could help truck operators lower their risk of getting into collisions. Over the last few years, trucking insurance has risen dramatically, but adopting on-board cameras or other pieces of technology could help reduce those costs while protecting other drivers on the roads.

Some of the technologies include lane departure warnings, collision-minimizing systems, on-board cameras and critical event recorders. Each could help reduce crashes or help collect information on why a crash occurred. Using these pieces of technology would help show that drivers took steps to reduce their risk of being involved in crashes as well.

Statistics show that using collision-mitigation technology can reduce the risk of a rear-end collision happening at 62 mph down to 10 mph or slower. That would mean a significant reduction in risk for the person getting hit, who could be in a small passenger vehicle.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck driver, know that he or she may have some of these devices on board. A dash camera or other recording technology could give you the evidence you need to show the other driver’s negligence and that you deserve all you ask for in your personal injury claim.

Source: American Trucker, “Insurer plots trucking discounts for safety systems,” Jan. 02, 2018