Is Rocklin, California a Good Place to Live?

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California is a densely populated state with many diverse cultures and environments. Over the past few years, the state has nearly reached forty-million residents while maintaining the largest economy and number one primary tourist destination in the US. However, one of its best cities is a hidden gem nestled in the Sacramento Valley; in fact, Rocklin California has many attractive features that make it unique within the Sacramento region.

Rocklin boasts a number of assets that make the city unique and supremely livable. According to the Chamber of Commerce website, Rocklin ranks as the 7th best city in California out of over 2500 qualified cities in the state. This ranking was based on five factors:

  1. Employment, showing high median earnings
  2. Housing, based on monthly housing costs
  3. Quality of life, measured by work commute lengths, access to professional services, and poverty levels
  4. Education, based on the percentage of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher
  5. Overall health ratios

Although Rocklin is still relatively unknown in comparison to its big brother, Sacramento, the city has started to gain popularity as economic improvements and more stable jobs continue to gather steam. Rocklin residents and city leaders eagerly anticipate the ongoing expansion of the small granite city.

Rocklin, a Granite City

Established in 1893, Rocklin, California has a rich history. Much like many early western cities established in the United States, Rocklin was heavily dependent on both mining and the transcontinental railroad. The town’s name originates from a granite quarry where miners and many other citizens eventually developed a settlement.

Early gold miners traveled through Sacramento’s expansive valleys and dense trees to establish gold mining sites. When the gold rush slowed down, miners who stayed in the area made the switch to quarrying granite. The transcontinental railroad that eventually reached the Rocklin area in 1864 was the primary transportation mode used by the granite quarries. The railroad made its way all the way to Newcastle, while carrying the granite used to line the tunnels that spanned the distance. Since Rocklin’s foundation is on granite, around granite, and under granite, it is appropriate to classify Rocklin as a granite city.

Rocklin’s Expansion

After the transcontinental railroad was brought through the city, Rocklin experienced enormous growth. As modern expansion continues in the region, lower costs of living have influenced the number of residential communities to skyrocket in tandem with commercial development expansion. Despite its origins as a small mining town, Rocklin has grown into a municipality that attracts permanent residents and tourists alike.

Rocklin natives and visitors have the benefit of easy access to Sacramento, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas. This access to superior education, employment, recreation, and resources has influenced Rocklin to rapidly expand into what it is today. After growing at a brisk pace over the past 30 years, due to several commercial industries stepping in after the granite boom ended, local authorities have been sponsoring continuous efforts to continue repurposing the remaining areas. Currently, the city is predicted to more than double in size within the next ten-year period.

Education in Rocklin

Each of the individual public schools in Rocklin rank high in both the Sacramento Valley region as well as the state. The Rocklin Unified School District consists of twelve elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, along with an alternative education school. RUSD ranks in the top 60 school districts in the state of California, with a national ranking in the top one thousand out of nearly 17,000 districts. Rocklin’s K-12 schools do have an above-average teacher to student ratio of 23:1, compared to the 16:1 national average.

The city also holds one of the highest rates of bachelor’s degree and highly educated residents in the state. This is partially due to Rocklin’s two resident colleges, Sierra Community College and William Jessup University. William Jessup University is a private, four-year university that is currently ranked second among western regional colleges. Nearby Sacramento also boasts a number of colleges and universities many Rocklin residents commute to with ease.

Rocklin Communities

Rocklin boasts many great communities, featuring homes in a variety of sizes and price points for individuals in diverse economic situations. The most in demand and popular neighborhoods include Sunset Heights, Whitney Oaks, Clover Valley Woods, and Old Town Rocklin.

Many retired individuals looking for a slower lifestyle and advanced recreational activities prefer Sunset Heights. Most houses here are on the larger side but are competitively priced. Another popular community, Whitney Oaks, is named after the family that founded the city. This neighborhood continues to experience high demand due to its meticulously planned, 18-hole, par-71 golf course. Clover Valley Woods is another laid-back living area perfect for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle and larger property lots. Finally, Old Town Rocklin, despite its name, is an up-and-coming area that is closer to the city and all its amenities—perfect for those who prefer urban living in a recently revamped and modernized neighborhood.

The above-listed communities—as with the majority of neighborhoods within Rocklin—are populated by friendly, tight-knit groups that love to get to know one other and their newer neighbors. Much like many smaller cities it’s common for Rocklin residents to get to know many of the friendly people they encounter during day-to-day life. Rocklin is filled with friendly people that will welcome you into their communities with open arms.

Jobs in Rocklin

Rocklin’s median salary is almost double the national average, nearing $80,000 annually. Although many of the suburban residents are retirees, primary careers in Rocklin consist of human resources, operations, nursing, analytics, retail, and many more. With Sacramento nearby, Rocklin’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average at 5.3%. Further, the city enjoys a future job growth potential of almost 40%. Tech companies, multinational corporations, and small businesses are all predicted to flood into Rocklin California in the coming years as Sacramento continues to grow.

Rocklin currently sits at the top of California’s cities with the most significant predicted economic growth over the next ten years. Although the city’s first expansion just ended, Rocklin is expected to become a major factor in California’s economy. Commercial businesses continue to make their way to Rocklin and nearby Sacramento as the need for skilled workers continues to rise. Perhaps that’s why in 2019, Money Magazine named Rocklin, California one of its 100 best places to live, the only northern Californian city to make the list.

Crime Rate for Rocklin

Although California’s overall crime rate is slightly higher than the national average, Rocklin experiences less than a quarter of the national average rate for violent crimes and wrongful death. As crime rates showed a sharp drop during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rocklin’s total crime rate dropped to just over 15 crimes per 1,000 residents.

With recovery from COVID well on its way, most cities in the nation have seen crime begin returning. In fact, the state of California as a whole has seen a resurgence in criminal activity. However, Rocklin has shown little to no such increase as we go back to normal, hovering around 15.81 crimes per 1,000 people. Even more importantly, Rocklin’s violent crime rate is now below 1 violent crime for every 1000 people.

The Future of Rocklin

Officials charged with directing the future of Rocklin have made great strides in promoting the continued exponential growth the city has experienced over the last 30-plus years. Even now, as the city has started to exit this major growth period, Rocklin is preparing for the next growth spike. Local developers continue to add more infrastructure and resources, continuously redeveloping the land into a suburban paradise that attracts northern Californians and people out of state alike.

Rocklin’s current projects include a number of street improvement projects as well as parks and walkways in the downtown area. In addition, the city is adding parking lots and structures to handle the increasing number of retail shoppers and is amidst an ongoing project to revamp or restore older properties in the downtown area. Sierra College is working closely with the city to improve the environment for both traditional and non-traditional students who want to continue their education.

The future of Rocklin looks promising. Jobs, education, low crime rates, and a low cost of living have helped to create a small city that provides a welcome escape just a stone’s throw from Sacramento. While the area may lack a few of the amenities of the largest metropolitan areas, Rocklin is an urban paradise for those willing to live a reserved lifestyle.

Is Rocklin CA a good place to live?

With a current population hovering around 54,000, Rocklin California is a great place to live if you are looking for a place to settle down in a small city environment. The area is a beautiful granite paradise for those looking for a friendly place to call home and promises to continue adding amenities and recreational opportunities in the future. In fact, we at Kreeger Law Firm believe it does not get much better than Rocklin when it comes to a laid-back city that truly has something for everyone.

If you choose to move to the Rocklin area and find yourself in need of a skilled group of attorneys with in-depth knowledge of the local Rocklin and Placer County legal system, contact Kreeger Law Firm today.