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Car accident on road, male and female drivers


Folsom Lawyer Helping Car Accident Victims Get Justice

California has one of the highest populations in the country. Since the state is also one of the largest in landmass, there is a lot of space between cities and towns. Because of this, people have to travel via car often to get to work, school and other places they need to go. The state is notorious for road congestion and traffic issues.

So, it should be no surprise that there are a lot of car accidents in California. They happen daily, sometimes hourly in heavy traffic areas.

In Folsom, there are plenty of roadways that have traffic issues and serve as potentially dangerous areas in which to drive, such as Riley Street, East Natoma Street, Blue Ravine Road and East Bidwell Street. Not to mention, Folsom Boulevard, which many people use daily as part of their commutes.

Auto accidents may be minor fender benders or more severe fatal accidents. Whenever a crash occurs, it is always a serious situation for the people involved, especially the party who is not at fault.

If you find yourself in this position, then you need to seek the help of an experienced attorney who knows and understands personal injury law. At Kreeger Law, I work hard to put together a solid case for you so that you can get full compensation.

No Time To Wait

As soon as you can after an auto accident, you need to contact your lawyer. It is imperative that I start working on your case right away, gathering evidence and putting my strategy together.

In addition, we have a time limit to work under. The law sets a statute of limitations for bringing legal issues to court and seeking compensation. For personal injury situations, such as a car accident, you only have two years from the date of the incident in which to file a lawsuit.

While two years may seem like a long time, it can take some time to handle all of the details of a case. This is especially true when you suffer serious injuries or if there is a death involved. If you want to bring a wrongful death claim, that also has a two-year time limit.

Because I want to do the best job possible for you, it is essential to not wait to contact me.

The Potential Damages

When an accident occurs, there are many types of damages that result. If your auto accident was minor, you may only have property damage to your vehicle and potentially a small medical bill. However, when you have a more serious crash, you could have a range of expenses, which include property damage and medical expenses but also the following:

  • Financial loss
  • Lost life
  • Pain and suffering

It is your right under the law to collect all damages due to you. The other party acted in a negligent manner, which makes him or her liable for any loss you have as a result of those actions. As your lawyer, I will hold that person responsible to pay you back and make up for any changes this car accident brings to your life.

Figuring out damages can often be complex, especially when it comes to injuries, which is why you need an attorney by your side who has worked in this area of law. I have plenty of experience working with clients to determine long-term and short-term costs in these situations. I know how to figure in the various factors, such as time off work, changes in lifestyle, loss of companionship and disfigurement, to come up with a final request for fair compensation.

Accidents Happen All the Time

You never know when you may become a victim of an auto accident. All it takes is a second for things to change.

The most common reasons for crashes in Folsom, California, include drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding. All three are forms of negligent behavior for which you have the right to hold the guilty party responsible.

Drunk driving is a consistent issue not only in California but across the country. It is well-known by every driver that it is illegal and comes with serious consequences. Most drunk drivers end up spending the night in jail and paying fines, but for the unlucky ones, they end up causing an accident that changes lives forever.

No amount of drinking before driving is okay. When someone chooses to get behind the wheel, they become liable for anything that happens because of this choice. As your lawyer, I will ensure the person pays for his or her bad choice and that you can move on from this incident with the compensation you deserve.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming an even bigger problem than drunk driving. The main reason why is that drivers seem to underestimate the dangerous nature of not paying attention when behind the wheel.

Distractions can including using a cell phone, eating, applying makeup or messing with the radio. Anything that takes a driver’s focus off the road is distracted driving, and it makes a driver a danger to others.

I will work hard to make sure that the distracted driver in your case faces the full liability under the law. I’m a skilled attorney who knows how to prove the case and hold people responsible for their actions.

Speeding is another common problem that people do not take seriously. The majority of drivers exceed the posted speed limits on a regular basis.

The problem with speeding is that it makes crashes more serious, leads to higher levels of property damage and increases the potential for severe and fatal injuries. I will put together a case that shows how this person’s choice to speed impacted your life and that proves you deserve fair compensation for your losses.

Contact a Lawyer Today

I know the suffering you have gone through due to an accident makes it difficult to move forward, and I want to use my legal knowledge and skills to help you. It is time to stand up and hold the other driver responsible for the damage he or she caused.

If you have had a car accident in Folsom, call the California attorney who is ready to work for you and get you proper compensation so you can get your life back to normal. Contact me at 916-884-6093 or visit my website to set up your free consultation.