Is Folsom, California A Good Place To Live?

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Whether you have a large family or live alone, the location of your home matters. Though your priorities may differ from other families, you likely know what is important to you when it comes to choosing to settle in a particular area. Safety, climate, transit, walkability, school quality, crime, and things to do are all common considerations for individuals and families when they move cities.

If you are considering a move to Folsom, California, many of these concepts have likely already crossed your mind. Fortunately, no matter your priorities, Folsom, California, is an all-around wonderful place to live. Whether you are moving with kids, a spouse, or by yourself, you are likely to find a vibrant community in Folsom. Consider the following categories and how Folsom measures up.

Age Demographics

For many prospective homebuyers, it is important to purchase a home in an area where you will find individuals with whom you can connect. In some cases, age plays a factor in your ability to connect with the local community. For example, if you are in your 30s and starting a family, you may not want to live in a college town where your neighbors have different priorities.

The median age of Folsom residents is 40. Keep in mind that this average takes into account all residents, including the elderly and children. This median is also higher than the national average, which is 38.5 years.


One of the most appealing aspects of Folsom is the climate and resulting weather patterns. Like many areas of California, Folsom has a warm and dry climate, with sun shining on the vast majority of days. Though it is warm most of the time, Folsom does cool off during the winter months. However, you won’t likely see snow in this area—Folsom is known for having winters that are more rainy than snowy. In fact, the temperature rarely dips below 40 degrees in the cool months.

The summers can be much hotter, with averages in the mid to upper 80s. Fortunately, there is a lot to do to keep cool when the outdoor temperatures are too hot to handle.


Folsom is a thriving community with many restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other amenities. The Folsom Zoo is noted for being a great outing for families, and there are many outdoor activities and natural areas if you need to get out of the house. Overall, there is plenty of entertainment and leisure available in Folsom, making it a great place to live for families and singles alike.


For families with school-aged children, education is often a top priority when making a move. Fortunately, Folsom delivers in that area as well. The area’s school district outperforms many others in the state, and several schools within the district rank far above the state average. When it comes to educating children, Folsom schools do a terrific job at providing high quality learning and curriculum options. The schools in the area are a significant perk for many.


Of course, crime occurs no matter where you go, and Folsom, California is no exception to this. However, the area does rank below the national average for crime in all categories, meaning that it is much safer than many areas of the country. However, car accidents do occur at normal rates.

The area is considered a “dense suburban” area, which gives a good impression of what crime is like. Average crime rates and increased police presence are often enough to put families at ease and keep them safe.

Cost Of Living

Because the area of Folsom, California, has so many clear perks, it is natural that the cost of living is somewhat higher than the national average. In fact, the cost of living in Folsom is about 120% higher than what can be expected nationally, which is a significant consideration for many families. The approximate average price of a home is $294 per square foot, with a median home price around $540,000.

Despite the higher real estate prices, many other expenses are close to the national and state averages. Utilities, for example, are fairly mid-range for California.


Folsom is a growing area. Due to its proximity to Sacramento, the city has become increasingly desirable for homebuyers in the last few years. This means that area businesses see relatively steady growth, and recent years have experienced significant job growth for many area companies. This makes it a great spot for entrepreneurs as well as individuals looking for jobs. On a related note, the average income for the Folsom area is $114,500.

Preparing To Move

Whether you are thinking of moving to Folsom or another area city, it is important that you know your priorities before you begin looking for a new job and potential homes. Remember, not all families are the same, and your priorities may be different than the ones mentioned here. Carefully consider this when vetting potential cities.

Some other priorities you may want to consider include:

  • Racial statistics and diversity
  • Commute time to places of employment
  • Access to large cities and airports
  • Specialty stores and services you and your family may need or want
  • Access to proper medical care for your family’s needs
  • Presence of multiple languages and cultures

Though these represent a variety of factors, they often make up the most important parts of living in any given location. Taking time to consider your family’s preferences, as well as their needs, can help you settle in a location that will make you all as happy as possible in the long term.

Legal Services In Folsom, California

No matter where you live, you will likely need access to legal assistance at some point in the future. Knowing where to go for your legal needs can help to put you at ease and make the transition to a new city much easier.

Here at Kreeger Law, we have been providing the residents of Folsom with skilled legal services for years. We understand the local laws and regulations that apply in the area, as well as the issues and stressors residents and visitors often face. Because we understand the area, we are able to provide exemplary, comprehensive legal services that benefit residents old and new.

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