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What Are Moderate and Severe Brain Injuries?

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For a traumatic brain injury to be considered severe, a patient will score less than eight on the Glasgow Coma Scale or be in a coma for a duration longer than six hours. These injuries have a tremendous impact on the lives of victims, harming everything from their emotional state and cognitive abilities to their ability to function independently. These injuries often result in significant lifestyle changes and the need for life care planning.

Severe TBI

On the Glasgow Coma Scale, used to describe post-traumatic states of altered consciousness on a scale of mild to deep coma, a rating of from nine to 12 indicates a moderate traumatic brain injury.

Symptoms and side effects of moderate TBI include changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, memory loss and loss of concentration. In many cases, people who suffer a moderate TBI find it difficult to return to work and function on a day-to-day basis as they did prior to the injury.

Moderate TBI

Brain injuries involving concussions, hemorrhage, coma or other meaningful loss of consciousness are usually diagnosed as having a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). There is nothing “moderate” about these injuries, as they can leave their victims with complications such as loss of senses, decreased control of motor function, fatigue, seizures, paralysis, loss of memory and coma.

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