2024 What To Do After Truck a Accident in California?

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You were traveling with family when your worst nightmare happened: A truck driver wasn’t paying attention, entered your lane and hit your vehicle. You lost control, and you went off the highway. Fortunately, there was only one major impact, but now you and your family members have injuries to tend to along with damage to your vehicle.

California has the most registered vehicles in the United States, and with thousands of trucks on the roads, accidents like this one aren’t particularly uncommon. Unfortunately, crashes with heavy freighters are more likely to cause serious injuries and deaths because of the weight of the vehicle and the items the vehicles may be carrying.

What should you do if you get hurt in a truck accident?

First, help any injured parties if you can. California law allows individuals to do so. In fact, any reasonable assistance you can give is welcome following a crash. This also means calling 911 after a crash, so medical help is on the way.

If you and the other driver are able to exchange information, take down their name, address, vehicle registration and insurance number, driver’s license and the names or addresses of any others involved in the crash. Since they’re victims and witnesses, their statements may be important to the case.

If you can, move any vehicles blocking traffic to the side of the road. While the police do want you to preserve evidence, that won’t do any good if you are struck again by passing vehicle.

Finally, go to the hospital. This is the first step in making a claim, since you can collect documentation for your Sacramento truck accident attorney.

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